Robert De Niro To Star in "Dirty Grandpa" with Zac Efron

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"Universal has purchased a spec script for an R-rated comedy entitled 'Dirty Grandpa.'"

Meet the Parents star Robert De Niro will soon be starring in another raunchy comedy alongside High School Musical star Zac Efron.

Dirty Grandpa, written and directed by Dan Mazer of Da Ali G Show fame, follows an uptight soon-to-be-married guy (Efron) who is tricked into driving his vulgar former Army general (De Niro) to Florida for Spring Break.

The film will be produced by Barry Josephson and follows Universal's 2014 box office smash, Neighbors, the R-rated comedy which also starred Efron along with Seth Rogen. Neighbors earned $268 million worldwide.

De Niro is currently filming The Intern with Anne Hathaway. In the comedy, the 71-year-old plays senior Ben Whittaker, a man who interns at a fashion-based e-commerce company through a community outreach program. Along with Hathaway, who plays the founder of the company, the film also stars Adam DeVine (Workahohlics), Reid Scott (Veep), and Rene Russo.

Throughout his lifetime, De Niro has appeared in over 90 films including The Godfather II (Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor), Taxi Driver, Raging Bull (Academy Award for Best Actor), Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Casino, Analyze This, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle.

Married twice, De Niro has six children and four grandchildren. In 2003 he underwent surgery for prostate cancer at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Over the years, De Niro has been known to fully commit to roles, using his method acting background in the process. During filming for The King of Comedy, De Niro continued to make anti-Semitic jokes toward Jerry Lewis in order to authenticate the anger on screen.

In 1983, Lewis told People magazine, "I forgot the cameras were there...I was going for Bobby's throat."

De Niro also used this method in Raging Bull in which he learned to box, The Godfather II by living in Sicily, and The Untouchables by gaining weight to play Al Capone.

Dirty Grandpa is currently in development. No release date has been set.

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