Roald Dahl: 5 Crazy Film Scenes Inspired By Books

By: Amanda Crum - September 13, 2012

Today would have been author Roald Dahl’s 96th birthday, and in honor of the man who gave us hope that there really was a crazy old candy inventor somewhere in the world who would someday let us tour his insane factory of chocolate and child-torture, here are some of the best movie scenes inspired by his books.

Lunatic rhino from “James And The Giant Peach”

Nightmare-inducing tunnel scene from “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory”

Random, “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”

Cake punishment, “Matilda”

Horrifying, “The Witches”

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Amanda CrumAmanda Crum is a writer and artist from Kentucky. She's a fan of Edward Gorey, Hunter S. Thompson, and horror movies. You can follow her on Google:+Amanda Crum

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