Road Rage Victim Called For Help to No Avail

    January 12, 2014
    Pam Wright
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It’s everyone’s worst nightmare.

Road rage murder victim Timothy Davison was chased by someone for over 15 miles in the early hours of Jan. 4, run off the highway by his assailant, was shot multiple times and left to die on the side of the road.

The 28-year-old victim called 911 multiple times before his killer finally ran him off the road and fatally shot him.

Help never arrived.

While the contents of the 911 calls have not been released, Pennsylvania State Police Captain Steven Junkin said that Davison placed at least two separate emergency calls as the he was being chased by his would be killer.

“This actor had murderous intent,” Junkin said. “We obviously have an individual who was so incensed that he continued to pursue Mr. Davison.”

“He was on 911 for the majority of this incident and we are reviewing the tapes to try and see if we can get any information to help us find out what happened,” said State Trooper Robert Hicks.

Davison was on his way home to Poland, Maine around 2 a.m. from a holiday visit with relatives in Florida on Interstate 81 when he was run off the road, shot multiple times and killed in Antrim Township.

There is no indication that Davison did anything to provoke the attack.

Police are looking for a black or darkly colored Ford Ranger XLT pickup which may have some recent damage from ramming Davison’s car.

Davison worked for his father, Timothy Davison Sr., at the family’s construction business.

Davison Sr. learned of his son’s death when police came to his door to inform him of the incident.

“I can’t begin to tell you what it’s like to hear that,” he said. “It’s not right.”

“He cared for everyone around him,” he said. “He was a rugged kid, extremely sensitive.”

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  • Derel Linstrom

    Sounds like law enforcement, and the disptch, majorly dropped the ball. Hmmm, gee, why do you think that the 911 tapes are not being released?

    So glad not to be in the scumbag profession, not all, but most, these days, in law enforcement.

    • Joe

      Wow, now it is the cops fault? Ignorant. First, the news article is obviously incorrect. The police did respond. It is not clear when, true. If this happened while the police were on a domestic violence case, want them to pick mad motorist or crazy assaultive husband? Wait until facts are out you clown. It was 2 in the morning. Cops can be miles away. Guess he was not a legal gun owner, but you hate those, too?

      • Jack

        Maybe you did it; making up scenarios with no basis in fact plus the hate and rage with which you assault a commenter and your baseless judgments about him put you in a dangerous category. Hope no one becomes your road-rage victim.

        • Andrew

          I agree with Joe. The police did respond but late. A 911 call at 2 am on a highway is not easy to get to especially if the person is afraid and not from the area to recognize landmarks. To blast law enforcement and call them scumbags is out of line. However it is your right to free speech. The fact that they have no idea of a license plate number means that they victim was not able to give enough info for the police to respond faster. Maybe they would not have made it anyway but can’t believe you call them scumbags over it and I can’t believe you belittle Joe for pointing out how wrong it was to do it.

    • Mike

      Not MOST, but a few. Besides, this article doesn’t say why police did not arrive until it was too late. It was 2 am and snowing. Police Officers cannot be everywhere at once.

  • Robin

    Wow! The two incidents “aren’t related? So Pennyslvania has, that we know of, TWO DIFFERENT CRAZY ASS PEOPLE ON THEIR HIGHWAYS?

    • Andrew

      I bet they have more than that. It happens all across the country everyday. People lose their minds and do dumb things.

  • p g

    Hopefully the people of Penn will find this guy and take care of it as need be since the authorities CAN’T.


    …..the guilty party ought to be tortured 4 days, then burned or cremated alive……our sissy laws and punishment in the USA are worthless…….

  • josh

    the fact is that everybody needs a gun i feel bad for this guy i know that if this mother fu*%$# would have tryed running me off the road i would have shot him to no end

  • http://yahoo Kim

    Nothing good ever happens after midnight! Too many crazies and drunks

  • Susan

    Unbelievable that no one did anything, no law enforcement showed up, or that dispatch did not get the emessage to them, whatever happened……Someone in the dispatch or a cop, highway patrol officer or sheriff needs to be held responsible for not acting on this call as they are trained to do, for not responding to this call. This is outrageous that this can happen.

    My thoughts and prayers to the family of the young man killed. God Bless you all and know that he is in God’s care.

    I hope they catch this murderous driver. He is guilty of much more than road rage, this is far beyond road rage he is a psychotic, sick individual who WILL kill again. If he can do something like this, he is well capable of murdering again and an=gain. They need to catch and stop him. This is so far beyond road rage…..

  • American Vet

    The only to stop a bab guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun,if he would have been armed,this may not be this way. ther is no argument ,with out a weapon he’s dead.

  • 357 Magnum

    Let’s see now….just another prime example that shows how ignorant all the anti-gun people are. Had this individual had his own gun, perhaps the one dead would be the one that deserved it instead of this innocent person. Just goes to show you how wront the anti-gun nuts are.

    • jack

      The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is preventing a bad guy from getting a gun. Epidemic gun murders, thousands a year, need to be addressed. What happened here happens several times a day.

      • Max

        Disagree. Another way to stop a bad guy with a guy with a gun (in this case) would be to have a .357 magnum with bear-loads and put a bullet through his engine block. Let him explain the damage to Triple-A…

  • SlackerSlayer

    People do over look the root cause of “road rage”. The one that caused the rage is usually a homicidal driver that nearly kills others with their stunt driving techniques. I am not justifying the killing of those homicidal stunt drivers, (EG: driving blind folded, sudden lane changes while looking at the lane you just left, texting…) that nearly kill others. Is it okay to mention that there are reasons people go into “rages” while driving? It is because some idiot nearly killed them. A good way to avoide these homicidal stunt drivers, stop playing in your head the driving game of “NASCAR”, play ”keep away” instead.