Risk Of Becoming Too Peripheral

    January 21, 2005

Academic bloggers, Therese at Emerging Communications writes, “…often choose not to blog about issues that are ‘right on’ when it …

comes to their areas of research. Rather, people seem to blog about things that may be relevant for their research on a more peripheral level or about minor details, and it appears that the core argumentation is often saved for articles and presentations.”

Among the possible reasons for this, if true, she lists the worry that someone else will steal the idea. It made me think about business blogging and what I often find to be some kind of “background noise” in it.

There are few business blogs that actually engage me as a reader in central, important questions. One example – take a look at what Bob Lutz (GM) has written so far. Nothing about the major challenges for the car industry. Nothing about emissions, nothing about safety.

There are exceptions. But in many cases, Therese’s point is valid for business blogging too.

The thing is, we also need that other stuff. The noise. I think that’s what gives us a voice. It gives the readers an insight into the personality of the blogger. But unless the blogger’s only aim is to build a personal brand this is a fine line to balance on.

You want a voice, not just a blah-blahing mouth. You want credibility, but not readers bored to death.

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