Rising In Google: iPhone, Webkinz, And TMZ

    December 3, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Apple’s hot gadget, the toy world’s must-have plush pets, and arguably AOL’s hottest web property represented the top three fastest-rising search terms at Google.

Google Catapulting to the top of the hottest queries hitting Google’s index means grabbing the interest of thousands of visitors, all happily tapping away at their keyboards and looking for details on what is interesting them in an increasing fashion.

We heard from Google this afternoon, in a brief note about search terms on the rise in 2007. Here’s the top ten terms US visitors have been dropping into the search box:

1. iPhone
2. Webkinz
3. TMZ
4. Transformers
5. YouTube
6. Club Penguin
7. MySpace
8. Heroes
9. Facebook
10. Anna Nicole Smith

These trends represent terms that quickly rose over a period of time in 2007. This list shows the ones that shot up the fastest. A gadget, a toy, five websites, a movie, a TV show, and a tragically dead model; in other words, a snapshot of American attention from the perspective of the leading search engine.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be reading "The Children of Hurin."

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