Ringtone Spam In Google News

    July 10, 2006

Jeremy Wagstaff found some really bad examples of spam in Google News.

Apparently, since Google hasn’t figured out yet that indexing the message boards of Vibe Magazine is an awful idea (and completely against the purpose of Google News), spammers are hitting that board hard with “free ringtone” spam. Take a look (and, if Google does fix it, check out Jeremy’s screenshot).

There are lots of problem sources in Google News. If Google would just have one person whose job, even 20% of the time, was to do searches on highly spammable words like phentermine, they’d notice that News includes sources like livearticles.org, which has none of the high-quality news articles Google is supposedly looking for.

The next time a perfectly legitimate blogger complains that Google News didn’t accept him because of “tone”, I don’t think I’m going to take Google’s side. Either do some spam control, or block the keywords altogether.

(Found on Findory)

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