RIM Shoots Ahead On BlackBerry Sales

    May 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Wireless e-mail has become the killer application for users, and a need for it drives PDA sales in the first quarter.

Research In Motion saw a 75% increase in sales and shipped 711,000 devices in the first quarter. The Canadian-based company now leads the world in PDA sales.

Former leader PalmOne gets dropped to second place as sales plunged 26% while RIM took the lead in market share.

The research by Gartner does not include sales figures for smartphones like the Treo models from PalmOne, which have been successful in sales.

With wireless e-mail the driving force behind PDA adoption, users want large displays and QWERTY-style keyboards. The BlackBerry offers both of these benefits.

RIM should see a positive effect on its revenue stream, as it has begun to license its e-mail delivery technology. This should mean devices like Dell’s Axims and other Windows Mobile or Palm PDAs can have the same e-mail functionality as the BlackBerry.

Hardware makers will have to emulate the features that have made the BlackBerry so successful. Users do not like using phone keypads to enter messages, nor do they like the small phone screens for reading e-mail.

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