RIM, Motorola Fight Over Patents

By: WebProNews Staff - February 18, 2008

Lawsuit versus lawsuit now defines the relationship between Research In Motion and Motorola, as each chafes at paying the other to use certain technologies.

Corporate tempers flared to a white-hot blaze as Research In Motion and Motorola decided to continue their discussions over patents and licensing in a legal venue.

That’s the short version. To Research In Motion, Motorola is a non-royalty paying patent infringer, refusing to recognize RIM’s patents, while demanding exorbitant royalties from RIM to stave off Motorola’s eventual demise, according to Reuters.

Motorola thinks RIM’s patents need someone to look them over. Courts in Delaware and Texas also heard complaints from Motorola that RIM infringes on Motorola patented technology.

A previous agreement that kept the two companies from each other’s throats expired. As the recent spate of litigation demonstrates, negotiations on a new deal fared poorly.

RIM introduced new handsets that more closely compete with Motorola products, coupled with RIM’s Blackberry email service. Motorola’s handsets had been largely tied to Nextel, which was acquired by Sprint; that wireless carrier has been suffering subscriber losses over the past several months.

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    If these two companies ever came together and actually did some work the product they could produce could rival the iPhone.

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    I think if companies just came together and used the money they are going to waste trying to sue one another the iPhone would  be childs play to what they could produce.