RIM May Have Workaround For NTP Patents

    June 16, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The maker of the BlackBerry messaging device, in an impasse with a patentholder over licensing, finds another solution.

A newly developed workaround technology, designed to bypass the NTP patents at the heart of its ongoing lawsuit with them, could be used with all BlackBerry devices.

Speaking to reporters, RIM co-chief Jim Balsillie said: “Part of what we have done is a workaround. We’ve completed it. We’ve tested it and we have a legal opinion on it, so it’s an option.

“The structure of the workaround would be something that could be deployed broadly. So the architecture of it, and I’ll give no more comments beyond this, works for all BlackBerries out there.”

RIM had thought a negotiated settlement, where it would pay NTP $450 million USD, would put its legal troubles in the past. Terms of the settlement were agreed upon in March.

But NTP apparently feels the deal isn’t good enough, and has went back to court to try and get the settlement thrown out. RIM wants the court to force NTP to uphold the terms of the deal.

Mr. Balsillie has publicly stated RIM is not trying to get out of paying the settlement as agreed, and that the company just wants to put the case behind it and move forward.

Shares of RIM stock fell $2.69 and closed at $90.20 Thursday.

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