Rihanna: Tattoo Has A Double Meaning

Amanda CrumLife

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Rihanna loves her tattoos, and a new one on her foot is getting some attention because of its unusual shape.

The timing of the ink may prove significant, as well, since it came just a few days after a barfight between her ex, Chris Brown, and singer Drake. The two were reportedly fighting over her, and rumors are still swirling about Rihanna meeting up with Brown afterward and doting on his injuries.

The new tattoo was premiered on Rihanna's Twitter page, with the caption "Falcon shit!" It depicts a good-sized falcon with its wings curved into the shape of a gun. She later tweeted, "Falcon: A light that shines in the darkness. Never close their eyes during sleep."

Rihanna and Chris Brown have a famous and turbulent past, including an assault that made headlines everywhere; fans are worried that Rihanna will go against her better judgement and hook up with Brown again, although those close to her say it isn't true.

“Rihanna likes Chris and I know that boy is crazy about her but let me make this clear, they are not together," says a source quoted in Hollywood Life.

Amanda Crum
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