Riding The "Sharknado" Wave, SyFy Will Bring Us "Ghost Shark" Next


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So yeah, Sharknado was a bigtime social media success, and SyFy/NBC Universal are clearly eager to catch that particular brand of lightning in a bottle, which brings us to Ghost Shark, the creation seen in the above trailer. While Ghost Shark doesn't quite boast the same "star power" that was in the critically acclaimed Sharknado had, it does have Bull from Night Court, aka, Richard Moll.

For those of you who are keeping score with once-famous/"where do I know them from" actors who appear SyFy's stunning entertainment, the bikini-wearing young lady who shows up in the trailer is Mackenzie Rosman, who used to be in 7th Heaven. As you can see by the movie's title, the premise is quite simple; although, as Slashfilm.com points out, there's a reasonable explanation for why a spectral shark, well, exists:

Thomas Vitale, Syfy's EVP of programming and original movies, revealed that Ghost Shark was inspired by something his 7-year-old daughter said. But lest we think the movie’s just the brainchild of an imaginative second-grader, he also promises that there’ll be a "logical reason" behind the phantom predator.

With that in mind, are you expecting another outpouring of Twitter reaction or did that hit its high water mark with Sharknado?