Ricky Gervais Talks To Reddit About 'Derek' And A Bunch Of Other Stuff

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Ricky Gervais participated in a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) this afternoon.

He talked about everything from Louis CK naked to Daniel Day Lewis portraying a young Ricky in a movie about his life.

Celebrities tend to do these AMAs when they have something to promote, and Gervais' show Derek is about to have its big Netflix debut on September 12th (Series 1 has already aired in the UK).

While I'd encourage you to peruse the rest of the Q&A, following are the things he said about Derek.

When asked if Derek is based on a life experience, Gervais said, "The situation certainly is. Half my family growing up were carers of some sort, mostly retirement homes (stroke, Alzheimers), and Derek is like my fictional superhero of an everyday gentle outsider. I suppose they're all little fables about kindness. And possibly, a love letter to my lovely, poor and humble family growing up"

When asked about his most gratifying experience, he said, "The pilot of Derek winning 'best comedy film' at the New York Film Festival [short film]."

He also had this to say about the Kev character from the show: "Yes, Kev is one of my favourite characters, and I was so glad that the audience went from being uncomfortable around him to really rooting for him at the end. He has another dramatic journey in Series 2, but you'll be pleased to know he is still a drunken, unhygienic pervert."

Netflix subscribers around the world should soon learn more about all of that.

Here's some more stuff Gervais said about the show on Facebook recently.

Image: Ricky Gervais (Twitter)

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