Richard Sherman Sticks By Peyton Manning Comments


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It's not unusual for a professional athlete to talk a little smack in the days leading up to a big game, but the situation is magnified when that games is the super bowl, and then blown up even more when the player doing the talking is media lightning rod Richard Sherman.

Since breaking the internet with his post-game interview after leading his Seattle Seahawks to victory in the NFC title game, Sherman has become one of the most polarizing sports figures in recent memory. However, that hasn't stopped him from speaking his mind when it comes to the game he is so passionate about.

In an interview a month ago Sherman was asked to rank the top ten smartest quarterbacks in the NFL. Although he ranked Peyton Manning, his competition in the upcoming super bowl, number 1, he wasn't so high on the QB's arm strength: "His arm, however, is another story. His passes will be accurate and on time, but he throws ducks."

When asked during a Seahawks media day if he stood by his comments, Sherman refused to back down. Although, it must be noted that he did so while maintaining the utmost respect for Manning:

"He's a great quarterback, he does a great job. But at the same time, when he catches the ball, he doesn't necessarily catch the laces all the time. But he throws an accurate ball, regardless of how he catches it, how he gets it -- he delivers it on time and accurately."

While Sherman has drawn both criticism and support leading up the championship game, it is without question that he realizes the gravity of his current situation. It seems as if this time he would rather let his play make the statement while still maintaining some of the spark in his words.

[Image via Sports Illustrated on YouTube]