Richard Gere Spotted With Another Woman

    July 23, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Richard Gere was reportedly spotted having dinner with a woman who was not his girlfriend of several months, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.

The 64-year old actor recently split from his wife of 11 years and has been seeing Lakshmi for a while now, but lately they haven’t been seen together much. The two are said to be busy traveling, however, with Lakshmi in London while Gere was in the Himalayas for the Dalai Lama’s birthday celebration.

“Richard Gere is here to get the teachings of His Holiness (the Dalai Lama) and to participate in the Kalachakra ceremony,” an official from the Ladakh Buddhist Association said.

Gere was granted an audience with the Dalai Lama at the celebration and listened with tends of thousands of attendees to his speech about violence against Muslims.

“I urge the Buddhists in these countries to imagine an image of Buddha before they commit such a crime. Buddha preaches love and compassion. If the Buddha is there, he will protect the Muslims whom the Buddhists are attacking,” he said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Bob Zybach

    I like Richard Gere a whole lot better now. Before I thought he was mostly just another pretty boy actor, now I think he gets it. Good deal.

  • Tanya Bailey

    Hopefully he gets with someone who shares the same religious
    beliefs…..Richard Gere is so wonderful, so not into the whole
    Hollywood scene…He is extremely under-rated!!

  • Penny’sarcade

    I know one of his best friends in NYC and the man is truly a class act. (And he’s NOT gay, his brother who looks just like him is) – but he’s a perfectionist so it might be hard to live with that after a certain amount of time. He impressed me with American Gigolo and nobody moves on film like he does. He’s in the early 4th quarter of his life now, hope he stays happy!!

  • Diane Canine Cannon

    It was me. We just have to keep our love a secret. SSSHHHHHHH.