Ric Flair’s Daughter To Join Him In The Ring

    May 20, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Ric Flair is a wrestling legend and he’s set the bar high for up and coming professional wrestlers, including his daughter Ashley who wrestles under the name Charlotte.

Charlotte made her debut in 2013 with NXT Wrestling. She has done well over the last few months and is hoping to make her way to the WWE.

Charlotte is a personal trainer but has worked hard to move up the ranks in the wrestling world.

Her signature move is called “Charlotte’s Web” and she also uses her father’s signature move from the WWF, the figure-four leglock.

She recently defeated Alexa Bliss in the semifinals of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament.


Ric Flair has been married and divorced several times but claims that he has always tried to be a good father.

“I tell everyone in the world that I have always been the best father I could be and that I was the worst husband,” Flair said.

Ric is managing his daughter and says that his legend status may make it harder for her in the long run. Since she is the daughter of a wrestling legend, people will expect more from her and there will be a lot of pressure on her to become the best quickly.

“There will be added pressure on her,” he said, “because she is my daughter.”

Since Charlotte is still training for the WWE, she is not allowed to give interviews. She does however have a Twitter account where she keeps her fans updated.

Do you think Charlotte will achieve the same legend status as her father?

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  • mrivera

    McMahon is making a mistake in having all the female wrestlers look like Fox News anchors. He needs to get some who are big and mean and ugly. When I shop at Walmart, I see plenty who could fit the bill.

    • Tresix

      They should have kept Awesome Kong/Kharma. She and Mark Henry could be an awesome big heel power couple.

    • http://cezarthescribe.forumchitchat.com/ Cezar

      Who wants to see ugly females?

  • Hotbite

    Minor correction…The figure-four is a leg lock, not a headlock.

    • Matt

      she uses both the figure four leg lock and figure four headlock in her nxt matches. it was probably a mistake though in the article as ric flair never used the figure four as a headlock.

    • Todd

      Thank you. That drove me crazy.

  • Kimberly

    LOL, figure four headlock!! Shame on the writer for such a dumb mistake.

    • chuck

      this new wwe is sure a joke to the wrestlers that have worked hard to make it worth watching instead of all the goofyness and insults made obout americans promoting russia over the usa should NEVER be allowed i personaly am tired of the insults if they dont like us then stephney dont hire them it is NOT good for b usiness you should know that.

      • Granny

        New? The same thing has been going on for years. The Russian Koloff’s in the WCW, the Iron Sheik and Iran. It’s all a work. They want you to hate them. They are the bad guys. It’s a work dude.

  • J Derek Mitchell

    Nope. She will never equal Trish much less her father. Not unless the WWE changes the way they utilize the females. Watch some of the matches from NXT. They are better than what’s put out there every week from the “Big League”.

    • Granny

      Trish was okay, but Lita was the real deal. No, Charlotte (Ashley) won’t ever be as big as her father but if she uses Lita’s style as a guideline, she’ll do well.

      • rick

        She does have Lita’s build.

  • Patrick

    Ric Flair’s move is the figure four…leg lock not head lock.

  • Commonman

    Like it isn’t already decided. Yeah right!

  • steveo1767

    She can wrap her legs in a figure four around my head if she wants. I will not complain.

  • Sevenpenny

    wow…. figure four headlock? when was this move introduced?

  • poopfaceh8er

    Its the figure four leg lock you moron

    • gary

      She does the headlock. Ric does the leg lock

  • Delirious Monk

    Nothing as hot as watching steroid enhanced girls go at it!

    • http://cezarthescribe.forumchitchat.com/ Cezar

      They don’t use steroids.

  • Jason M


  • Mutley46

    Flair’s daughter will only be as successful as McMahon wants her to be. It is up to them as to her status.

  • Jim Fair

    Flair has packed on some six-pack paddin