Revision3 Shutdown By MediaDefender

    May 29, 2008

Internet television network Revision3 suffered outages over the long holiday weekend after it was attacked by anti-piracy group MediaDefender.

Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, was surprised when he found out that MediaDefender was behind the attack that took down their whole network over the weekend. MediaDefender used Revsison3 BitTorrent tracker for the fake torrents they upload to BitTorrent sites.

In a detailed blog post Louderback writes," Media Defender was abusing one of Revision3’s servers for their own purposes – quite without our approval. When we closed off their backdoor access, MediaDefender’s servers freaked out, and went into attack mode – much like how a petulant toddler will throw an epic tantrum if you take away an ill-gotten Oreo."

Louderback continues, "They saw us as a ‘distributor’ – even though we were using BitTorrent for legitimate reasons. Once we shut them out, their vast network of servers were automatically programmed to implement a scorched earth policy, and shut us down in turn."

Louderback says the FBI is looking into the matter and that MediaDefender executives have admitted to being behind the attack. Media Defender says it has since taken steps to make sure it won’t happen again.

In the end Louderback does not believe that MediaDefender deliberately targeted Revision3 but did point out that the company has a history of using their servers to launch denial of service attacks against distributors.