Reviews: Build Traffic and Reputation

    July 5, 2005

Writing book reviews, product reviews, and reviews of other blogs is one way to increase your visitor traffic level. Reviews are also a powerful technique to enhance your reputation as a blogger.

Let’s examine book reviews today.

Many book authors are especially interested in having their books reviewed by knowledgeable people in their industry. Often the writers are other bloggers. After all, blogs are one of the fastest growing segments of the internet. Bloggers are also adding their talents to the growing number of books being written.

Those many blogger written books require reviews. You can perform that task.

To write a good review, you will need to make yourself available to authors. If you wish to review a certain title, perhaps you could contact the author directly. They are often more than happy to receive a review from you.

When becoming a book reviewer, stick to book topics with which you are familiar. If you know little about nuclear physics, it’s best to not even attempt to review the work. It’s difficult to write a fair review when you don’t know anything about the book’s subject matter. That helps no one.

It’s important to write a fair review, even if you don’t care for the book. Point out the book’s strengths and its impact on you as a reader. Every book has some positive value. Bes sure to look for it.

There is little benefit to anyone for writing a hatchet job piece on a book. It’s one sided and unbalanced. It won’t do your reputation any favours either.

Harsh critics are rarely very fair or honest critics. Pointing out only the negative, at the expense of the book’s strong points, shows out the reviewer’s faults. Instead of fairness, the attacking critic is looking to build a reputation.

That reputation will be built alright. It just won’t be a good one.

Since you know many bloggers personally, and they are possibly writing a book, contact them to review their opus. They may even request a book review from you. The writer is not expecting a guarantee of a glowing report, but they deserve a fair review.

Thankfully, most of the books offered for review have some very powerful positives, making your life as a reviewer that much easier.

As a book reviewer, you will also receive more traffic to your blog, as other people will read and link to your review. A good reviewer will achieve many links, and additional visitor traffic. A bad reviewer will gain neither traffic or reputation.

Review wisely.

Become a book reviewer and let other people know that you want to write book reviews.

I am always available to review books; especially on business and blogging topics.

You should be available as a book reviewer too.

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