Reuters Report On Facebook Profiles

    May 8, 2008

Here’s a headline from a new Reuters article:

"Facebook users willing to let employers see profiles"

Reuters looks at a new report on Canadian Facebook users and pretty much declares that they are now happy to let employers see their profiles.

But look at the data:

Almost half of 1,200 people questioned in an online survey said they would be comfortable sharing their personal profile with their current employer, while two in five would consider letting prospective employers look at their Facebook account in addition to their resume.

Huh? "Almost half" would share with their "current" employer? Only 20% would share their Facebook profile with a "prospective" employer?

How does that match-up with the headline? Maybe Reuters was influenced by the report’s author who says, "The days of getting drunk and getting all your pictures posted online, that’s gone."

Since when? Last time I checked, even responsible school teachers are posting content that could cost them their job.

While I believe social networking users are starting to realize their profiles can have a negative impact on their reputation–and careers–we’re certainly not at the point where everyone has the message.

Reuters is normally such a reliable news source for me, but I just can’t stop shaking my head over this gaff.