Reuters Happy to Take Traffic the AP Doesn’t Want

Google Appreciates That Idea

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Update: Google evidently likes the Reuters philosophy on this matter. The company recently tweeted the following message:

Google Tweets about Ahearn's article

Original Article: For those of you interested in the online news industry and the never-ending controversial discussion surrounding the Associated Press, linking, fair use, etc., you should be interested in reading what Chris Ahearn, Media President at Thomson Reuters has to say. He appears to come from the opposite side of the tracks as the AP.

Chris AhearnAhearn wrote a piece on a Reuters blog (Via SIA), calling for publishers, bloggers, aggregators, search engines and ad networks to get together and figure out something that works for everyone. Here’s an excerpt:

I believe in the link economy. Please feel free to link to our stories — it adds value to all producers of content. I believe you should play fair and encourage your readers to read-around to what others are producing if you use it and find it interesting.

I don’t believe you could or should charge others for simply linking to your content. Appropriate excerpting and referencing are not only acceptable, but encouraged. If someone wants to create a business on the back of others’ original content, the parties should have a business relationship that benefits both.

Let’s stop whining and start having real conversations across party lines…

Reuters is clearly happy to take any traffic that the AP doesn’t want, as evidenced by this recent tweet from Ahearn:

Ahearn's Tweet

Reuters is clearly going to be more popular among bloggers, aggregators, etc. with this kind of attitude. And it’s not like Reuters isn’t known for high quality content itself. With a major publishing force like Reuters publicizing this kind of position, you have to wonder if it will get other major publishers like the AP its like-minded peers to re-evaluate their position.

Either way, Reuters is bound to get a lot of link love after this. That will be great for the news organization’s traffic.

Reuters Happy to Take Traffic the AP Doesn’t Want
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  • http://www.mouse-mat.com t’ski

    At least one media outfit can see a way through the current debate that will work for bloggers and the media company.

    In my opinion it’s hardly likely to change the AP’s stance immeadiately, they are too hung up on the images of chargeable revenue streaming into the coffers… however if reuters approach ultimately improves the number of eyeballs viewing reuters content at the expense of the AP’s content then who knows about the longer term?….

  • http://www.moyleslaw.com Pittsburgh Lawyer

    Who is Reuters, by the way? But I do agree that there should not be any sort of payment needed in order to link to another site. It’s the Internet, that’s what webpages are all about – hyperlinks!

  • http://www.xyshop.co.uk Tania Gi

    I think it’s a good move by Retuers.
    Tania Gi

  • http://www.attorneysokays.com Steve

    I would give my left…..uh….arm….for the kind of traffic and link popularity that Reuters is about to get and I’m laughing at AP news for throwing what they have built, or should I say, what others have built for them (and for free), away.

    I can understand the concern about the copyright and all, but nobody is going to pay to be able to post a snippet of the news. Especially since it’s a little taste of the news and then you have to click on the link to get the full article, which takes you to the original site. I think that’s fair. I’d want the same if I wrote something and welcomed people with “index,follow” tags.

    AP just doesn’t get it. They might as well put “noindex, nofollow” tags on all their pages. I mean the search engines are indexing their content and posting snippets on the web. Shouldn’t they start suing them for not asking permission or paying?

  • http://www.koyima.com Kostas Yiatilis Macfarlane

    AP’s stance is ridiculous… the whole web works on the premise of free linking and paid advertising.

    Anyway what do they think? Do they think they own the news? It’s not like they don’t buy photos and stuff from the same places Reuters and others do (my father was a photojournalist for a few years, bothof them bought pictures).

    It’s just stupid to try and make money from the links that build your traffic, instead of investing time in getting more quality content. That’s
    where the real money is after all. If you don’t have quality content, you don’t have ads.

    And if a site has ads because they weed out all the crappy content and post the cool stuff (snippets and links to the original of course) then that’s what they sell: weeding out and their revenue will reflect that.

    I can only understand charging for using an article as is, not linking and the truth is that the news only has value for so long. Meaning maybe the first few hours. What will the policy be for linking to old articles, will their price decrease?

    It’s simply childish and they should be looking for better consultors and marketeers. If that is the only way they found to increase revenue….they aren’t worth much

  • http://www.all4data.com A4D

    Quite funny to read this as I have attempted to contact both companies before regarding the use of their content and no answer was forthcoming

    still too low on the food chain I suppose


  • http://www.3minutevideoads.com Richard Newquist

    I think the “AP” service is causing some of the problems newspapers are having nowadays. Because publishers get their content off the shelf from AP, content isn’t relevant to the locality and it isn’t particularly perceptive reporting anyway. In Jacksonville, FL, the Times Union has an AP office on premises and they use waaaay too much content that just isn’t relevant to this market. Consequently, the TU isn’t relevant.

  • http://www.shopokey.com Guest

    I think it’s a good move

  • http://www.site-booster.com Rahman 4 SEO Services

    The wise media of the past play the game by its modern day rules. Reuters has taken its lessons from other media that have made use of social media to cover the news stories of some parts of the world.

    CNN used YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or even the news stories dispatched to them by ordinary people who don’t have access to those sites or cannot use them. Why? Because it simply wants to cover the news.

    Giant News Corporations have felt the need to follow the rules of the game as it prevails today’s life. News comes from people for the people. Those big corporations have to stay tuned with this message. Good for Reuters.

  • Gadeyne

    Reuters gets it, AP something most of the traditional news community do not get it. Their thinking is outdated and belongs to a world going the way of the dinosaurs.
    In the new media economy you have to be willing to lose control of your brand and in this case partly your content.
    The news agencies still have the benefits and revenues from the old news media world by selling the story to traditional news media (selling the stories to news papers, broadcast news…) but obviously, they do not understand the “new media” economy, the social media world and just do not understand the added value they get once the story has been sold and published to have social networkers publish the articles on their blogs and other social media.
    One thing they do not get is the extra traffic they and their customers (the traditional medias) get from these postings, the added traffic that will help those traditional media who get it and embrace social media, survive and thrive.
    The added traffic is advertising of the best kind, not because it is free, but because it is word of mouth from people who trust each others to people who trust each other.
    You do not get that kind of value through traditional advertising or PR, especially nowadays.
    AP wake up, or the best traditional medias, those who get the power of social media will do business with those who get the power of social media and they will thrive together, reporting on those who did not get it.

  • Guest

    AP is One sided corporate propaganda anyways.There are so many free news sites available like BBC news,AL jazeera etc with better news than AP & NOT CENSORED.I can’t wait to see AP go down the tubes.

    Best for luck for Reuters.

  • Phelim McIntyre

    “AP is One sided corporate propaganda anyways.There are so many free news sites available like BBC news,AL jazeera etc with better news than AP & NOT CENSORED.I can’t wait to see AP go down the tubes.”

    Really – working with people who work in the Middle East, who deal with health issues and right across the board the BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, ABC and others are anything but unbiased. A friend of mine speaks of “the gay mafia” in charge at the BBC when speaking of the lack of contact or style of reporting about issues concerning homosexuality. The BBC and Reuters are notoriously anti-Israel and Reuters have been proved guilty of doctoring images concerning conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. AP is biased but no more so than any other so called news body and it is plain stupidity to think otherwise.

  • Guest

    More traffic equals more money. What part of this does AP not understand?

  • Philip

    Wake up people. Linking is not the issue here. Theft of content is the issue. You all want it all for free. Using, using using. It’s like borrowing your neighbors new Tesla. You get to cruise, attracting girls, having a great time, showing it off, maybe even impressing your business clients. But your neghbor doesn’t get any of that by your joyriding his car around.

    AP is making is clear that it is OK to link to its stories on the AP website, or even on those stories on other news websites. But it is NOT OK to copy and past AP stories to blogs and other sites. This is called copyright infringement – theft. If bloggers and aggregators would simply link a headline (not the whole story or even the meat of the story), to the actual story where one of AP’s customers was running the story, that is fine.

    According to you clowns, all content on the internet should be free, because you actually believe that it always increases traffic to whoever created the content. And, naively, you believe that running ads along stories is the way it all get paid for. Sorry, you couldn’t be further from reality in your thinking.

    I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you come up with some original content, get attention to your blog, aggregator, etc., and then watch hundreds of thousands of other aggregators/blogs run that every same content on the front page of their site, without a link to yours. When the shoe is on your foot, you will definitely be singing another tune.

    • John

      I write content and market websites all day long. Anyone who writes & publishes online content without the expectation of being copied is misunderstanding the industry.

      If someone copies my content and leaves me a link, thats great for me. If they don’t leave a link, I haven’t really lost anything – and I know enough about SEO to ensure the spiders will find and credit the original. And I’m not even starting with the PR7-9 home pages most of the AP outlets take for granted.

      Litigating makes no business sense, especially when you’re drawing the line at five word quotes. The AP’s position is insane, and Reuters is being absolutely rational.

  • http://www.glenwoodfin.com Glen Woodfin

    Like the record industry, the AP is only too happy to get the public against them…BIG MISTAKE.

    I now have a favorable impression of Reuters. BRILLIANT MOVE!

    Enjoy Reuters today:

  • http://RonPaulQuotes.com Guest

    USA residents tend to learn only what their TV spoon feeds them, about candidates and the government. With all the bias in the USA media, networds and AP, it will be refreshing to see more USA netizens getting Reuters material because it is not so USA-based.

  • http://newsfuturist.com Jeff Sonderman

    AP alienates, while Reuters collaborates http://bit.ly/1umPg

    • http://www.whatareyouwatching.uni.cc Television Spy

      Reuters is smart for doing this, they can also harness the free power of social creation by getting bloggers to contribute their own stories which they ask for full publication rights. That means getting first account reports from the global web and blogosphere and republishing for their own use or rewriting it and allowing bloggers to then use that material with credit given to Reuters.

      They would be able to create cheap or free news content, at less cost and still enable bloggers to use the material. Win win for whoever does that, all that try to fight the bloggers will lose out. Al Jazeera has something similar and they’ve only profited from it and gained great PR for doing so.

      • http://cannes-or-bust.com/ Michael

        It goes both ways. I’ve had pieces picked up by Reuters once or twice, and they had the courtesy to link back to my original. That is a very symbiotic say to run things.

  • http://projectdennio.blogspot.com/ Jose Dennio Lim

    AP should realize the potential of building your brand names or advertising for free using these blogs. That would be a very stupid move to ignore such. I salute Reuters for being open minded.

  • http://www.latterkursus.dk/latterinstruktoer.htm Ejvind@latterkursus

    I have wondered many times why the news are reporting the same things. It is great that some part of the media is now finally going to report on a different story than the others.

    Charging money for linking to someones website, is like charging money for making someone laugh: It’s hilarious and silly – We are talking internet and hyperlinks right!

  • http://www.searchen.com John Colascione

    This was an excellent story choice, something all web users and especally publishers need to know… I’m very surprised I haven’t heard this story anywhere else yet….. It’s amazing how negitive news is beaten to death, but good news like this goes mostly silent. I’d like to link to Reuters over AP as much as possible here on out.

  • http://www.wealthnetpartners.com/ Noah | WealthNet Partners

    I agree, not only are they going to get a ton of links directly to their stance on the matter, but from here on people are going to be increasingly linking to their content instead of other news sites.

    Really shocks me that the rest of the AP is being so dense on the matter, but oh well, maybe they’ll wise up once they see their traffic drop off.

  • Guest

    I think it’s a good move by Retuers.
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  • Guest

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  • Guest

    Why the f>>> does anyone care about which news agency reports the latest sufferings of the world! Anyone that has a brain can see that multiple reports on the same story, yes story! Have only one thing to tell. That is to inform the public on the same dribble that has filtered through the channels of popular culture. One would only like their story to see light, if their view was blank of those surrounding the truth. Many is better then few!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.aminokwasy.odzywki-warszawa.eu/bialko-jako-skladnik-elementarny-diety Aminokwasy BCAA

    Undeniably believe that which you said. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the net the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed while people think about worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  • http://www.coachbustrips.com/ Bus Tours

    The wise media of the past play the game by its modern day rules. Reuters has taken its lessons from other media that have made use of social media to cover the news stories of some parts of the world.

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