Reuters, Google Docs Spread Super Tuesday Polls

    February 5, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Through the use of the Spreadsheets feature in Google Docs, Reuters published poll charts for key states for the Republican and Democratic primary races.

Super Tuesday occupies the candidates in 24 states today. Early primaries have knocked several candidates out of both races, with the remaining ones fighting it out on the biggest primary day in US history.

While we’re tempted to rant about being left out of the primary fun in Kentucky (seriously, Iowa and New Hampshire always get to go first, what nitwit made that decision?), other little areas of interest bear watching.

Like this Google Docs blog post about Reuters and their poll charts. In polling ahead of Super Tuesday, Reuters tapped Google Docs to generate those charts.

“We didn’t do anything special to help Reuters do this, in fact, we came across this by chance just watching the results on their site,” Google’s Jonathan Rochelle said.

Also of interest: the Google/Twitter map of Super Tuesday results.