Reuters Gets Attributor to Monitor Content Scraping

    September 17, 2007

Content scrapers and spammers beware! Reuters is upping its efforts to find unauthorized use of its original content.


The news company has asked Attributor to assign a fingerprint to all Reuters’ content and monitor the web in real-time, looking for those that simply swipe entire stories.

As well as coming down on content thieves, Reuters will look for legitimate sites that it can sign distribution deals with.

“Attributor’s technology gives us the critical business intelligence to pursue new opportunities for licensing and use of original content,” said Ric Camacho, Vice President, Digital Syndication at Reuters in a press release. “This agreement is part of Reuters strategy of innovation as we continue to develop next-generation digital news syndication.”

So here’s a thought. Maybe Google can acquire Attributor and provide blog publishers with the same type of service. That way, when the blood-sucking scrapers steal our content, Google will know who to credit for the original work.