Reuters Addresses Affiliate Issues…Sort Of

    December 30, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Reuters wants to find affiliates willing to place its news video player on their sites, but haven’t really touched on the issue of compensating those affiliates.

As Reuters seeks site publishers interested in putting Reuters video on their sites, those publishers seem to be listening to the same radio station: WII-FM, as in “What’s In It For Me?”

Though Reuters normally charges for content, the video player has been offered for free to site publishers. News video displayed on the player would be accompanied by advertising.

With the question being raised about compensating site publishers, Reuters responded with this post:

Just to set the record straight – the affiliate video project is currently in an experimental stage (call it beta, perhaps) and we have not declared how we’ll be managing advertising revenue, e.g. passing a percentage share back to registered affiliates, allocating ad inventory to affiliates or something else.

Right now it looks like the answer is “maybe” for affiliate compensation. That may not be good enough for potential affiliates.

“I do have to wonder how many sites would rather feature Reuters video for no compensation, when they could put up some targeted affiliate offers and make cash,” wrote Shawn Collins at Affiliate Program Tip. Anik Singal posted “why is Reuters calling it an “affiliate program,” if they don’t have a commission, revenue share, or PPL model in place?”

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