Retailers Funneling More Money To Bing

Bing's Q4 click volume and order values up, as well

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Bing has managed to turn retailers’ heads in a big way.  After looking at statistics from part of 2008, SearchIgnite reported that retailers spent almost 50 percent more with Microsoft’s search engine this time around, which puts Google and Yahoo partly to shame.

What do you make of Bing’s increasing popularity?  Let us know in the comments section.

Or, to be more precise, "Retailers have spent 47% more on search ads on Bing in Q4 this year than during this same time period in 2008," according to SearchIgnite.  "Compared with Google and Yahoo!, Bing also saw better YoY click volume growth."

Additionally, "[a]verage order values on Bing are 21% higher than across all engines, which could account for the spend growth."

Impressive, right?  It’s only when you sort of step back for a moment that Bing’s achievements look less stunning.  That’s because, despite the progress Microsoft has made, exactly 75 percent of advertisers’ dollars went to Google during the first part of this quarter, and 16 percent headed to Yahoo.  Bing grabbed just 8 percent.

Still, some headway is better than none, and retailers are demonstrating a lot of confidence in Bing by giving it a try during the all-important holiday season.

Will retailers benefit by paying more attention to Bing?  Have your say.

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Retailers Funneling More Money To Bing
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  • http://www.kkominc.com Cathy Dunham

    This is just ONE SET of stats. You not only need to step back, but dig into all the shopping stats to really compare them equally. One snapshot from a year ago!! Come on…

  • http://www.affiliationcash.com HarveyJ

    That Bing should be getting more traffic than this time last year is not surprising for two reasons.
    1) Bing’s massive advertising blitz when they came out, particularly on TV, is likely to have gotten a lot of bricks and mortar businesses that aren’t even advertising online yet to seriously think about doing so.
    2) Technically speaking, Bing didn’t exist at this time last year, or indeed even six months ago.
    From a mathematical point of view, Bing should have an ?% increase in YoY change

    • Guest

      Finally someone who sees through the smoke and mirrors.

      “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” 40% increase for a half-YoY is not that impressive, considering that Google’s 10% increase may even be a much higher number of searches than what Bing has accomplished.

      No wonder that Bing has little advertising! During the big Bing bling in the summer, I was looking for info about advertising on Bing. I found a rumor that they might be working with Yahoo! where I already advertise a bit and I never got any reply on the question/feedback submitted to Bing about where to advertise. A couple of days ago I accidentally heard about MS adCenter for Bing, but now it is at the end of the year and therefor the rest of my online ad marketing budget will be spent where I know it works (95% Google). I am considering looking into experimenting with Bing adCenter some time in January, but I don’t feel the rush.

      All in all, not very impressive launch or performance from Bing.

      BTW, I am definitely not a Google fanboy, but it is hard to deny that they are the most effective ‘necessary evil’!

  • http://www.dotCOMReport.com PPC Tips

    I agree, they have not been around long enough to tell how good they are doing. Wait awhile and see if they are still doing great.

  • Guest

    way to go!

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency

    Bing is doing pretty good. Many people say that it will never take over google, but change takes time. Although they may be partly right for now, Bing is still fairly new. Advertising with Bing may be more of a straight shot because I know many people are tired of googles hidden ranking formula.

  • http://iskandarx-society.blogspot.com/ iskandarX

    I’m starting to love Bing more than Google right now.

    • http://asiaplaces.blogspot.com asia

      Seem it’s a hard way to beat google’s search fast result

  • Guest

    I like Bing because I have more control over who sees my ads and when they are shown.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I haven’t used Bing yet to market my safety and security web site but I may after reading this article. I think all of the comments have merit so I’m not ready to think they’re the next Google but they may be a good way to find some new customers. Thanks, Doug.

  • http://www.caribedigital.net Eduardo

    any thing that grow a few , first time get an extraordinary increase

    If you search for a driver for microsoft mouse on google you get Microsoft page to download
    if you look the same on bing go to anywhere

    If bing cant find owners site (MS) who believe can find yours?
    talk again in 3 or 4 years

    • Guest

      hey amigo I think your just another Google Fanboy , blasting a better service that is finally dethroning Google. I checked for microsoft mouse and found the page for it. I think you better think first before trolling about Bing

  • http://www.climatechangemagneticenergy.com global warming

    When Bing first came out.
    The linking seemed good to us.
    Then there is a slight problem we found. They take you off their list and try to get it back , and you won’t find it for some key words.
    Seems like a google slap but on the organic side. Why we’re not sure.
    Mean while to help,
    If your looking for a Kindle as a gift. Try the link this article to the website (KINDLE) and you can have all the commission go to help energy research. which is a link to Amazon.

  • http://www.ukjobsguide.co.uk UK Media Careers

    I am impressed with Bing and their openess going forward and saw their latest tool showing clearly cpc prices, ctr and what you need to pay per keyword. This will help them gain market share, yahoo’s big mistake was losing the transparancy that overture always had.

  • http://www.photoswomens.com Russian

    Google will try to change the situation.
    Wait awhile and see if Bing are still doing great.

    • http://worldenterprisevideos.com John Willman

      It would be nice to see other search engines follow suit. Searching on BING provides exactly what I want, in multitudes! IE: If I search for an image that I can use for a presentation, BING supplies me with Variables in size that are important to my search, as well as literally thousands of search results immediately, and omits “Pay for image sites” (since if I wanted those I would have searched for them). If I search for the same thing on Yahoo or Google, I get a few items of what I am looking for but topping the list are more search engines. That’s like going to the library and searching for a book in the card catalog, then pulling out the resulting card which directs me to another card catalog instead of where I can find the book. Hurray for the breakthrough! If I wanted a search engine, then it would give me a list of search engines, but if I wanted to search with another search engine I would have gone there in the first place… Don’t display search engine in my searches. BING is great!

  • http://calusacreek.com GuestTom

    It is a little early to celebrate, let’s see if Bing can maintain their momentum over time before we celebrate their progress.

  • http://www.fiveocean.net web design dubai

    Bing is increasingly picking data we analyze that more than Google it pick our website with the following descriptions

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    Bing is making Bingo

  • http://omleo.blogspot.com Om Leo

    Bing have ads publisher like adsense, but the system still on beta edition now, and only limited number of people are allowed to join, is it right….???

  • http://www.sfi4.com/10805787/EE john swami

    Once is a while something great comes out and the majority of the population will support it and want to see that it is an alternate choice, specially when it is facing a Giant Google.I like Bing !!!
    http://www.sfi4.com/10805787/EE Get paid to drive your car

  • http://www.howtoranknumberoneongoogle.com Dan

    Well I’ve noticed since the partnership bing and msn created, that they have melded themselves together in many products/services. My browser when I upgraded, had Bing and msn search engines made default on them. This type of fusion partnership is in many things, so I can see how they have this increase

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