Respected Security Expert Becomes ICANN CEO

Rod Beckstrom Praised by Googlers Schmidt and Cerf

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced that it has selected security expert Rod Beckstrom as its new president and CEO. The announcement took place at ICANN’s 35th international meeting in Sydney, Australia.

"The importance of the Internet as a free flowing source of information is being underscored right now by the events in Iran," said Beckstrom. "It shows the power of human expression through a free and open Net."

Beckstrom used to be the Director of the U.S. National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC), where he is said to have formed an effective working group of leaders from the nation’s top six cybersecurity centers spanning the civilian, military and intelligence communities.

"Rod Beckstrom has exactly the sort of strong personal and technical background that ICANN needs, as we enter a period of unprecedented growth and change for the Internet," said ICANN’s Board Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush. "In addition to his cyber security expertise, he’s been a successful CEO of a global enterprise, done NGO work and volunteer work and a bestselling author. It’s an extreme understatement to say we are enthused."

Rod BeckstromBeckstrom has received quite a bit of praise from big names throughout the industry. For example, Google CEO Eric Schmidt says, "Rod’s extensive technical and commercial expertise is world class, and I can think of no one better positioned to lead ICANN’s critical mission as the Internet’s role in society continues to increase in scope and importance."

Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf says, "Rod Beckstrom is strikingly well-prepared to undertake a new role as CEO of ICANN. His experience in industry and government equip him for this global and very challenging job." Cerf is widely known as the "Father of the Internet," by the way.

The press release on the subject provides a larger list of quotes from industry professionals. Beckstrom seems to be a popular choice. Do you think he’s the right man for the job?

Respected Security Expert Becomes ICANN CEO
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  • Johnny

    I’m willing to give anyone a chance compared to the clowns in ICANN right now…..especially Paul Twomey .

    However, upon taking office Rod Beckstrom had intentionally bad Whois info. on his Beckstrom.com domain, since then he has corrected the info. His email WAS private@private.com. Private.com is a porn site.

    This is exactly what ICANN is trying to prevent and one of the reasons it even exists, but he was hiding his personal info.


    Even still……I think he should be given a fair chance. It does not mean he can’t do a good job in the position. It may mean that he might have some perspective that the incredibly biased ICANN has had towards favoring big business in almost 100% of the decisions, and against regular domain owners whom they are supposed to be serving but refuse to listen to or even respond to in any fashion. They have literally froze out domain owners rights in all talks and just listened to the big corporations, which leads one to think they are taking compensation under the table.

    Honestly, I hope he fires ALL of ICANN, cleans house, and starts anew. Right now it is one big pile of dog-doo they have created.

    This guy’s position is as important to the Net as any position out there. It is very important he get it right or the whole world will suffer the ramifications of ICANN’s decisions.

    As it stands, ICANN wants to release tons of new extensions…..even though there has been volumes of responses by domain owners and businesses that say they do not want them. They don’t want to have to buy up their company name in every new extension under the sun that is getting ready to released. It will cause confusion like the Net has never seen. The registrats want it b/c they will make a ton of money, but everyone else besides ICANN knows that it will cause a nightmare. They simply refuse to address this catastrophic problem. Unbelievable!

    Good luck Rod…..you will need it !

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