Resources For Improving Grammar

    June 17, 2003

I will shortly be bringing this series of articles to an end, so have compiled here a selection of resources available on the internet to help all those of us who write ads, articles and e-books to keep improving our work. This Guide to Grammar and Writing is maintained by Professor of English, Charles Darling, for English courses at Capital Community College and for the general online public. It’s very comprehensive, and you can even do grammar quizzes (should you have an idle moment). The Grammar Lady website is run by Mary Newton Bruder. She describes the purpose of the site as being “to answer quick grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other points about language.” The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation – the on-line version. There are good exercises and tests here, and the explanations are very clear. The Good Grammar, Good Style Pages: topics covered in this comprehensive site include subjunctives, the serial comma, subject-verb agreement, the who-whom distinction, when it is all right to be passive, forming possessives from names like Jones, and understanding the differences between British and American English. This Grammar Handbook, from the Writers’ Workshop, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, explains and illustrates the basic grammatical rules concerning parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences and sentence elements, and common problems of usage.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, more sites out there, but I think these top-quality ones should keep you busy and answer all the questions you’re likely to have.

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