Research Indicates B2B Companies Struggle with Lead Generation and Follow-up

    June 16, 2005

Companies continue to struggle with effective lead generation and lead management according to a new report, “Best Practices in Lead Development,” by SiriusDecisions and KnowledgeStorm.

The study found that, 58% of polled executives rated their marketing department’s lead development capabilities as “fair” or “poor.”  Those that rated their lead development efforts as excellent had the following attributes:

Marketers can certainly do a better job with the execution aspects of lead generation but they can’t do it alone.  I’ve found that the frequency and quality of communication between sales and marketing is the most important factor to drive better lead generation ROI.

This research confirms three out of my seven lead generation tips

Reader Comments…

Brian Carroll is the CEO of InTouch Inc. InTouch is a 50-person company focused on delivering effective lead generation solutions for “the complex sale.”

Brian authors the very interesting B2B Lead Generation Blog which focuses on B2B lead generation, sales leads, and marketing for the complex sale.