Research and Markets Looks at the Wireless Lifestyle

    September 13, 2005
    Chris Crum

Research and Markets has released a new report capturing the dynamics of wireless product usage in homes by consumers in the United States.

Research and Markets breaks wireless living down into three home networks: the home computing network (PCs, laptops, etc.), the home entertainment network (media centers, TVs, audio systems, gaming devices), and the general household network (VoIP phones, network appliances, home security systems, etc.). Research and Markets explains in a press release,

The Wireless Lifestyle

” While the range of wireless products is massive, the report focuses on products most relevant to what is referred to for this report as “wireless living.” At the core of this product group are highly penetrated devices such as cordless phones and universal remote. However, a wide variety of products such as Wi-Fi networking equipment and wireless VoIP handsets are examined. All of these devices allow consumers to cut the cords, save time and find wireless solutions in their homes.”

Cellular phones are only covered in the report if they are used as the consumer’s primary home phone.

Also discussed in the report are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DSL, broadband connections, cable, satellite and VoIP services that utilize wireless technologies to connect within the home.

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