Reports of Meteor Sightings in New Zealand

Vapor trail or ball of fire?

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Witnesses called in to New Zealand’s channel 3 news to report sightings of a fiery object that they observed between 6pm and 7pm on Monday.

Kim called in and said that she saw an “object the size of a helicopter on fire.” She ran in horror and grabbed her daughter because she thought that “it was about to explode.” She insists that the UFO was not a vapor trail but a “ball of fire.”


David called in with his story as well. He said that he was picking up his son from Rugby practice and driving towards Wellington when he “saw a huge green or blue ball race across the sky and disappear.” He noticed that the ball left a huge stream of vapor which leads him to believe that it was a meteor. He went on to say that ” it was a huge ball of light … and reminded him of some of the dinosaur movies he had seen.”

A Cantabrian family also witnessed the beautiful intensity of the “meteor,” which came low to the horizon with two bright flashes and trails of smoke:

“Like an arc welder torch, it seemed VERY close and low to us, was waiting for the bang it seemed so close and bright, but obviously moving at tremendous speed. I have never seen anything like this!”

Other witnesses have come forward from Christchurch, Whanganui, Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Nelson and Kaikoura.


Reports of Meteor Sightings in New Zealand
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  • Joe

    I saw it exactly as being shown on your video. I live in Central Texas, San Antonio. (USA). It was a huge ball of fire with a long fire trail. No vapor or smoke from my vantage point. I am sure a lot of people saw it as there was a lot of vehicle traffic on the street I was on and it was extremely visible. I thought it was a plane on fire at first or a missile of some sort but it was traveling extremely fast so my best guess is that it was a meteor. A plane would on fire would have left dark smoke and would not have been seen also in New Zealand.

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