Reports: Hulu, YouTube Set To Make Headway In The UK

    May 20, 2009

If Hulu and YouTube have their way, it may not be long before UK citizens are spending a whole lot more time in front of their computer screens.  One fresh report says Hulu will possibly launch in the UK this September, while another claims YouTube is close to sealing some deals over full-length UK TV shows. 

Hulu Logo

Emma Barnett wrote in regards to the first subject, "According to senior sources close to the UK negotiations, Hulu is trying to sign a deal with both commercial broadcasters [ITV and Channel 4] in the next few weeks, for a roll-out of the service by September."

Since people outside America have only been able to watch Hulu by employing less-than-straightforward practices so far, this would represent a big deal.  Hulu would likely see significant jumps in both audience size and revenue from advertisers as a result.

Then there’s the YouTube advancement to consider.  Once again, let’s turn to the UK-based Barnett, who wrote, "YouTube is in talks with several British content providers, including ITV and Channel 4, about streaming long-form videos of their shows."

So it seems that the term "exclusive" won’t appear a lot in any paperwork.  Nonetheless, YouTube would stand to benefit in the same ways, and by pursuing the same partners, might actually manage to slow its competitor’s growth.

Users should win, regardless, as more people get access to a greater amount of content.