Reporting Live From Search Engine Strategies Conference

    August 2, 2004

If you’ve been keeping up with this thread in the WebProWorld forums, you should be well aware that Mike McDonald, Chris Richardson and I are currently in San Jose, California.

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We were greeted by overcast skies in the foothills of Silicon Valley this morning. Well, it was more like “afternoon” to us – three hours behind the East Coast time we’re used to.

We’re in the middle of the Networking lunch at the moment, getting ready to head into our first round of sessions in about 45 minutes. One of the sessions we will be covering next is on ad targeting which includes a talk by the Google Adwords Manager and the Director of Product Management for Overture. It will be interesting …

I had the opportunity to speak to one gentleman who decided to drop by because, well, he only lives 20 minutes away. He said he’s going to wait and see how impressed he is with today’s sessions before determining whether he’ll come back tomorrow. When asked what he’s learned so far, he replied that he’s been exposed to a new type of market. He’s not originally from America so he is learning a lot about the American industry – and being a new e-Business owner himself, he’s also learning a lot about SEM.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what’s going on. We are here and we will be reporting live throughout the week so keep checking back for more updates!

And if you have any questions you’d like us to ask the experts feel free to post them here – we’ll see what we can do.

Until my next update….


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