Report: YouTube Streams Over 1 Billion Videos Per Day

    June 9, 2009

Heaven help Google’s competitors if the search giant ever figures out how to consistently make money off individual YouTube videos.  According to a new report, a stunning number of clips are streamed worldwide each day: over 1 billion.

That works out to about 41.7 million clips per hour, or 694,000 clips per minute.  Or as Michael Arrington, who confirmed the billion-per-day streaming rate with Google, noted, "That pretty much means everyone on the Internet, on average, is watching one YouTube video per day."

YouTube Down

Not everything in YouTube’s world is sunshine and roses, though.  New Compete numbers are out, and it seems that the video-sharing site saw 1.75 percent fewer visitors in May than in April.

Other social media sites, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, all experienced month-over-month increases in this respect, which makes the YouTube development something of an anomaly.

Plus, if you stop to remember that YouTube isn’t making money off of every video it streams, the billion-per-day rate sounds a lot less impressive.

On the bright side (as far as Google’s bank accounts are concerned), there’s a gigantic ad for a game called Prototype on the YouTube homepage at the moment.