Report Says Bing Sees First Monthly Decline

Yahoo Declines as Well, Google Gains

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According to comScore, Hitwise, and Nielsen, Bing gained ground in August, but StatCounter has released info indicating that Bing has experienced its first monthly decline in the US, in September.

StatCounter reports that Bing’s share of the US search market fell by over one percentage point to 8.51% from 9.64% in August. In addition, Yahoo declined to 9.40% from 10.50%. That’s not a good sign for the two companies considering their big partnership that’s on the way.

"The trend has been downwards for Bing since mid August," commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. "The wheels haven’t fallen off but the underlying trend must be a little worrying for Microsoft."

Of course, where there is decline in Bing and Yahoo, there is an increase in Google market share. Google went up over two percentage points to 80.08% in September from 77.83% in August.

StatCounter Search Market September 09

Bing didn’t only decline in the US according to StatCounter. The search engine also experienced a global decline in market share falling to 3.25% from 3.58%. Yahoo also fell to 4.37% from 4.84% globally. Google reached 90.54%.

"Data is based on an analysis of 4.6 billion search engine referring clicks (1.1 billion from the US) which were collected during the period September 2008 to September 2009 from the StatCounter network of over three million websites," the firm explains.

Report Says Bing Sees First Monthly Decline
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  • http://www.sitebyjames.com Guest

    Smart enough? Bing shows better results than google…

    I see more wikipedia in Bing results than in Google results…

    Maybe it’s just me… I don’t really use Google anymore…

    • http://www.sitebyjames.com Guest

      Yes… But is that a decline in market share?

      I mean Bing and Yahoo could still both be experiencing Growth, only Google could be growing faster.

      I am not sure if I understand these results…

    • Guest

      If I want Wikipedia results … I search Wikipedia.

      Your statement is kind of like saying that “Search Engine X” shows more results from “Search Engine Y” than “Search Engine Z” does. It doesn’t really do a lot of good to include the search results from another search engine (or searchable repository, in this case), unless you’re Dogpile, or something.

      Maybe Bing wants to replace Dogpile. How are Dogpile’s stats doing?

      • Guest

        That’s not very smart now is it… A search engine should be showing me the most relevant and informative results.

        If I want good results. I go to Bing.

        • Guest

          If you REALLY wanted good results, according to your logic, then you would use Dogpile, which will search Bing, Google, Yahoo and Ask.com simultaneously and show you all of their results in one place. Bing, alone, certainly cannot match that collection, now can they?

          • http://www.sitebyjames.com James


            Flawed logic… I want a search engine which is fast and shows me good results.

            I have a preference to Bing…

            I do not like metacrawler, or dogpile or even Google…

            I like Bings results. They are informative and highly relevant… when I compare them to Googles results I like Bings better…

            There is nothing flawed about my logic. I think you just have an elitism problem. Sorry… I am not you…

          • Guest

            Your qualifier for why you prefer Bing over Google was that Bing showed more Wikipedia results.

            Ergo, you prefer a search engine that aggregates content from other searchable indexes.

            Ergo, you would probably prefer Dogpile, which provides more of what you said you liked.

            No elitism there, just following your position points. You should have just come out and said that you prefer Bing because … well, I can’t tell you why you prefer Bing, other than what you have already stated: More Wikipedia results … which, of course, Wikipedia would provide even more of. Seems to me that you not sure why you prefer Bing. That’s acceptable, but it doesn’t make as strong a post as coming down fully on Bing’s side, now does it?

  • http://www.selectyourfranchise.com Franchise Opportunities

    How reliable is this? Seems odd that what are considered the big stat companies like hitwise and nielsen say there were gains for Bing/Yahoo in Aug while one single company is showing different. I’d have thought the trend of the biggies would be more reliable than taking stats from one who seems to differ from the crowd.


  • http://www.ShawProductionsLasVegas.com Shaw Productions

    I tried Bing, hated it, now back to google.

    • Guest

      I was like you and then I tried the video and image search… I am never going back to google… google looks so outdated in comparison… I think it is because they are afraid of changing… it might upset their userbase.

      I mean… look at how many people got upset when they changed the text box size. Google is a dinosaur.

  • http://authorservices.org Michael

    one month is not a indicator. Over a period of months a trend can appear, but with todays changing and fluctuating market one month is not a particularly indicative trend for future advertising.

    Besides which they each operate differently in terns of how they rank.

    Google ranks differently than, say Bing so even with any growth stats (as temporary as they might be), the market for ads can be quite different with each.

  • http://mcrapu.com/ McRapu

    when it comes to searching for pictures.
    Only pictures, for the rest I still prefer Google :)

  • http://www.ph-creative.com matt

    I really enjoy the look and feel of bing and it’s search options, especially video and image search.

    Google is…. old now.

  • http://www.jaiganeshv.com Jaiganesh V

    Google back to its business :)

  • Guest

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