Report: MySpace To Launch Email System Tomorrow

    July 22, 2009

MySpace may have found a way to differentiate itself from Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much all other social networks.  MySpace Mail, a new email service, is supposed to launch tomorrow.


MySpace Logo

Yes, just like you can register for email addresses ending in,, and, will become an option, too, according to Staci D. Kramer.  Which might sound like overkill, given the existence of those alternatives and MySpace’s built-in messaging system, but the idea has some strong points.

Facebook’s recent vanity URL offering created an almost unprecedented level of interest in the site; the term "land rush" was applied over and over again without any trace of sarcasm.  MySpace Mail might cause a similar phenomenon.

Plus, it’s important to think about the nature of email.  People who sign up for MySpace Mail accounts are likely to check them at least once a day for quite some time, which will bring them in constant contact with the MySpace brand.

We’ll see how it goes, without expecting anything too big to happen tomorrow.  Kramer reported, "The launch will be soft and low key, with a slow build toward a full roll out well before the end of the year."