Report: Microsoft, News Corp. Plotting Against Google

Microsoft might pay News Corp. (and other publishers) to shun Mountain View

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The companies behind search engines sometimes try to attract more traffic by advertising.  Establishing a partnership is another strategy, as is improving the actual search results.  Microsoft might be ready to try something a little different, however, as a new report’s indicated that the company is interested in making Google’s results worse.

Microsoft LogoRemember the days when arguments about search engines centered on the size of their indices?  Well, according to Matthew Garrahan and Richard Waters, Microsoft does.  "Microsoft has had discussions with News Corp over a plan that would involve the media company’s being paid to ‘de-index’ its news websites from Google," the pair reported.

They then continued, "Microsoft has also approached other big online publishers to persuade them to remove their sites from Google’s search engine."

This idea seems plausible enough, given that Microsoft has a history of paying for users (think of its popular and long-running cashback program).  There’s also the simple fact that Microsoft, with its market cap of $263 billion, could possibly outspend Google (which has a market cap of $181 billion) if a bidding war erupted.

What’s more difficult to say is whether the idea is any good.  There’s no word on how much money News Corp. and other publishers would receive, and it’s anybody’s guess how many searchers would switch engines to retain easy access to their content.

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Report: Microsoft, News Corp. Plotting Against Google
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  • http://www.hypnosisfearofflying.com/ hypnosisfear

    I hope microsoft will be able to compete like google..They should really try harder everytime..

  • http://www.jbmetrics.com James Wallis Martin

    Okay, so now a search engine I don’t use is going to combine with a news agency I don’t read.

    • Mark Rickman

      Wake-up and smell the turn around, I like other people are getting feed up with the redirection we get when clicking on a like on google, because someone want’s to hide their affiliate site or MLM site behind a blog, or article they post on google to get traffic and half the time is on any search you do on google, the link is in error or redirected even when looking for news. So wake-up pard.

  • Mark Ibanez

    Mark Cuban came up with this originally. Here’s a link to the story http://www.daniweb.com/news/story238775.html

  • Monkey Dance, Monkey Dance (Cocaine)

    I became a Microsoft ISV in 1990 after graduating with a Computer Science degree and Cognitive Science studies and Senior Thesis.

    I loved Microsoft ** at first **. By 1995 I could see what was going on.

    I’ve done extensive research on him and Microsoft for the past 10 years as part of a Federal Case and he’s from my home state and is as Improper as they come when it comes to Ethics, and Law.

    With a proper Administration now in place, Now is the time to hold Microsoft Accountable
    to the Antitrust Deal Bush-whacked….Recall…

    Press-core Question in early 2001: What are your opinions on the Microsoft case?

    Bush-whack: “I’m on the side of Innovation”

    Microsoft Defense Slogan on their site during the case: “The Freedom to Innovate”

    Microsoft Slogan at events such as inviting developers with best of breed applications:
    “Partners in Innovation”

    Microsoft Patents achieved through “Partners in Innovaton” (numerous)

    If they are not held accountable, new Oversight needs to be put in place given the past Administrations haste for Stupidity.

    Or other States’ Attorney Generals should look into this – Again, now that the likes of a Criminal Past administration (who I hope will be charged after the current economic and health care debates are over).

    Microsoft will never change as long as Baldy Ballmer is Monkey Dancing like a Manic-Depressive, Heart Attack ready, 4 words for you “I love this company yeah”


    What caused the hair loss, genes? Given his Moneky dance, steroids? Illicit drugs,


    I have noticed recently that similar to the early 1990’s before The Steve Barkto Incident, there is an army of Microsoft anonymous defenders out there, who pose as concerned individuals.

    Take it from the eyes of someone who has seen internal documents, these guys actually threaten,

    “Should we sic someone on him?”
    (about an individual they patented a concept on)

    I’ve seen it. Don’t believe the b.s. of anonymous Microsoft puppets.

    Please continue to investigate this Mr. Ibanez.

    I can just hear some of the Microsoft “Steve Barkto Incident” like guys already, coming against my post here … but what they cannot take away, is that I spent year loving Microsoft, until I discovered what was really going on, and I’ve spent years researching the facts.

    This is not an angry post but a CALL TO ACTION.

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  • Guest

    As both Microsoft and New Corp target the lowest quality sector, they are well suited. Sure, the loss of Wall Street Journal and the Times may cause some folks to switch allegiance … but if I’m going to search for news, I don’t care where it comes from. I’ll read the hits which do show up in Google.

    Rupert Murdoch needs to move with the times (arf, arf). Take a lesson from King Knut!

  • Damien

    Yes Mr Martin!

  • http://www.softwareapprentice.com Patrick

    Is that even legal. Paying a company to de-index form google. Law suit waiting to happen me thinks.

  • Guest

    Why do i think this is just a rumour. If its not then deals like this is not gona help Microsoft much as important news that is worth a read is usually available on many blogs, most people who do read news like myself have dedicate sites they visit to catch up on the latest i.e. bbc.co.uk in my case. And i dont need to search google or bing for that.

  • http://www.buddhadude.net/ Buddha Dude

    This is one area where MS is totally wrong, they have tried and tried and tried to beat Google in the

  • Tim

    Doesn’t Microsoft have ANY shame at all? Look Microsoft, if you can’t beat them, then don’t play dirty. It will come back on you. Oh, and thanks what you did to trueSpace.

    • http://www.dotCOMReport.com DotCOMReport

      I agree, what message does it send when they want to play dirty. I can only see this hurting them in the long run.

  • rciafardone

    I have no idea what is the big plan behind this move. At face value i see it as plainly stupid, but i am a low payed IT employee, not a crack bussiness hawk working for MS. They probably know something we dont, or this is just the test drive of a whole mass attack.

    I think i will google it to see if someone knows what this is about… ;p

  • AbbydonKrafts

    I’ll still use Google. If someone wants to delist themselves, then they’ll just lose out on my traffic. I rarely visit anything by News Corp anyways.

  • http://www.jegas.com Jason P Sage

    but this kind of “warfare” seems silly. People use what they like. Efforts to impact what people may like is really uncouth IMHO.

    Reminds me of “If you put Netscape on those PC’s, we won’t sell you Microsoft Windows at OEM prices” …

    I dunno – I don’t like cloud computing as a cure all – but the fact is some of goolge’s stuff I like, and some I don’t. Same with Microsoft….

    I think they should spend more time making stuff people like versus attacking and forms of subterfuge and the like to negatively impact competition…


  • Guest

    I hope it does happen. Google is CORRUPT They have far too much power and are quick to abuse it. I hope that yahoo does the same thing to Google. Google has been around far longer than they deserve.

  • Eric

    If Microsoft was to do such a low part deal (moreover with that nasty Murdoch), then I’d switch to Yahoo or to another M$ competitor, but certainly not to MS Bing!


  • Guest

    I don’t read News of ant American Corporate Media anyways.It won’t affect me.My main news sources are BBC News,Al-Jazeera English,Russian RTN & France 41.So their crappy news delinting from google doesn’t affect me.

    The News corp is for pure entertainment only.No news value at all.

  • http://www.creativemarketinggroup.goods.officelive.com Mark Rickman

    You see I know What microsoft is trying to do by starting where are at present. Google should be brought down, there is nothing but affiliate’s there making up 65% of there search engine, in advertising. And most of the affiliates are redirected MLM’s and just scaming people into believing that they make them money when they don’t, and your just paying google and the top affiliates to advertise for them. So ya I think microsoft is on the right track. Let’s get back to doing honest business on the net, and quit making it the scam freeway like google.

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