Report: Meg Whitman Leaves Boards, May Enter Politics

    January 5, 2009

Much was made of the way in which certain members of the tech community supported Barack Obama’s run for the presidency.  Now an even more direct tech-to-politics connection looks ready to form, as Meg Whitman, eBay’s former CEO, is stepping down from three companies’ boards and may try to become a governor.

So much for Proctor & Gamble.  Sayonara, Dreamworks.  And yes, goodbye, eBay.  All of these ties have been cut, according to what Whitman’s spokesman told Ellen Byron.  The only reason he gave was the ever-popular excuse of "personal reasons."

Meg Whitman
 Meg Whitman

Which brings us to the interesting political rumor.  Byron writes, "The move is another signal that Whitman is seriously considering a run for governor of California, a person familiar with the matter said, adding that an announcement could come in the next four to six weeks."

Whitman’s name was often tossed around in connection with the McCain campaign, and since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s second term as governor of California will only run through January 3rd, 2011, it’s really quite conceivable that she could serve as a Republican candidate.  (California governors can serve just two terms.)

We’ll be sure to report more details as they surface.