Report: Google’s Developer Share Growing

    April 15, 2008

We often think of it as a search engine, an email provider, or even a source of income, but a new report states that, as a developer, Google is also doing reasonably well.

Following its April 2008 Web Server Survey, Netcraft revealed, "Largely due to the growth at Blogger, Google’s developer share increases by 0.54% to 6.08% this month, while Apache falls by 0.27% and Microsoft by 0.14%."  lighttpd and Sun are due to lose share, too, making Google the only developer to move ahead.

Servers Graph
 Market Share for Top Servers

However, both Apache and Microsoft are still running far more sites, so, "[i]n absolute terms, this still means that Apache has gained slightly more sites than Google’s 1.07 million, while Microsoft gains 847 thousand sites."

What will happen next month is anybody’s guess; Netcraft goes out of its way to state that Google is not guaranteed to repeat this performance.  The data pool should grow larger, at least, as Netcraft recorded a growth of 3.1 million sites for this month alone.

Netcraft’s survey involved almost 168 million sites, by the way, and a hat tip goes to Alistair Croll for being the first to cover it.