Report: FeedBurner Boss About To Quit Google

    July 7, 2009

An important figure at Google may be about to leave, according to a new report.  Dick Costolo, the cofounder and CEO of FeedBurner, is supposed to depart the corporation sometime this week.

Michael Arrington apparently confirmed the news today, and with regards to what Costolo has been up to since the $100 million FeedBurner acquisition, continued, "He currently reports to Neal Mohan, an exec in the Ads group, as the group product manager for social ads."

What Costolo will do next remains unknown.  He may want to start another company, join an existing entity, or pursue some big idea.

Or, as a few select tweets of his sort of imply, Costolo (who’s toured Australia, Singapore, and the UK as part of an improv comedy team) may just be preparing to spend more time with his family and generally take it easy. 

Dick Costolo on Twitter

Regardless, since Google acquired FeedBurner almost exactly two years ago (the official announcement was made on June 1st, 2007), this development doesn’t say much about the search giant’s ability to retain talent; it looks like Costolo’s quitting within days of some contract’s expiration date.