Dreamworks Bans Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz from Twitter

No Shrek Info Leaking

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Something about celebrities combined with Twitter is just a magnet for headlines and mass media attention. Perhaps it is because our society has an unhealthy obsession with celebrities, and Twitter (and really just social media in general) is turning the web as we know it into a never-ending "stream" of information.

It should be no surprise that when big stars like Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers are forbidden from Twitter, the headlines follow. The story is slightly more interesting than a celebrity simply deciding to stop Twittering. An IMDB article (via Mashable) reports:

Mike MyersFilmmakers are becoming increasingly worried about actors ruining plots and damaging the industry by putting up messages on the public website.

Executives at Dreamworks have forbidden actors from giving out information on the internet by inserting clauses into their contracts – with Diaz and Myers, who are lined up to star in another Shrek sequel next year, the first affected by the move.

Cameron DiazThe forbidding of social networking is something we’ve seen corporations and major sports leagues do. They’re all businesses, and movie studios are businesses too. It’s not a surprise when you really think about it. Whether it is justified or not is a different story.

As Stan Schroeder notes, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are just forms of communication. "You can also leak information by, you now, speaking, or writing an email."

Celebrities can do a lot more than just leak confidential information with social networks, however. A session at the BlogWorld Expo held over the weekend covered this. Anthony Edwards, for example, is using social media to raise money and awareness for a children’s hospital in Africa.

Dreamworks Bans Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz from Twitter
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  • http://job.r.net Mikkel deMib Svendsen

    I thought Americans loved Freedom of Speach …hmmm, guess its just a theory :)

    • Guest

      That’s the government, dunce. Private contracts are a different matter entirely.

    • Pablo Hernandez

      Mikkel, this is not about freedom of speech, this about common sense. You can’t let your actor screw up your movie premier by telling to everybody important details about a production, since that action could cause the production a multimillion dollars loss, not to mention the great loss of interest from people who could go to movie theaters.

    • Guest

      Actually, you’re right Mikkel.

      Americans are hugely conflicted about values they claim to hold inviolable. Freedom? Yes, unless you’re frightened about what someone else might do with it. Americans are incredibly timid, terrified people who let bullies hide from their basic citizen responsibilities behind corporations.

      For some reason it’s just fine with Joe Average to have unfettered access to the largest market in the world, but pay virtually no taxes, violate basic citizen rights, send sourcing overseas, create expensive pollution issues, manipulate government for protectionism, military adventuring and other selfish short-term profit interests. Basically give nothing back–not even jobs anymore–while draining the system…just as long as it’s a corporation, not an individual doing it.

      Here’s a song we don’t hear much anymore, probably because it’s kind of laughable in light of recent foreign policy:

      “She’s a grand old flag, she’s a high-flying flag,
      And forever in peace may she wave;
      She’s the emblem of
      the land I love,
      The home of the free and the brave.

      Every heart beats true to the red, white and blue,
      Where there’s never a boast or brag…”

  • http://www.aikowebdesign.ro Rusz Gheorghe

    Some movie stars do indeed post on twitter stupid stuff but that is not the reason why the studio doesn’t like twitter; i think that all stars should think twice before they post something on twitter because it can affect their image; one stupid message can turn people against you, say if you post a rassist remark or joke that is not understood…

  • Kailyn

    Well, I love DreamWorks and DreamWorks movies, I wouldn’t blame ’em..Posting information on a new movie they’re working on and the studio finds that rude? Oh I would find it rude. Some people just can’t keep their mouths shut, they just do it to get the crowds goin’.

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