Report Details Ongoing Twitter Downtime Problems

    November 19, 2009

Most companies try to improve themselves over time.  Twitter, unfortunately, hasn’t managed to do so.  A downtime report from CheckMySite indicates that Twitter’s still suffering problems on a regular basis, and that it hasn’t done well at all in comparison to Facebook and MySpace.

Here’s the golden standard (or the norm, depending on how you look at it): Facebook and MySpace both achieved an uptime of 100 percent over the past 14 months, according to CheckMySite.  Twitter, meanwhile, averaged closer to 99.69 percent.

What’s more, Twitter’s figure for November 2009 – 99.91 percent – is worse than the figures recorded in July 2009, January 2009, and December 2008.  Plus, October 2009 was especially ugly, with CheckMySite pegging Twitter’s uptime at just 99.18 percent.

Some folks might shrug Twitter’s outages off as a quirk; the failwhale has its own fan club, after all.  Downtime can be off-putting to other individuals, though, and could pose a very serious problem as far as Twitter’s appeal to businesses goes.

There’s not much else to say on this subject, considering how long downtime issues have plagued Twitter.  The company just needs to sort this out sooner rather than later.

Hat tip goes to Don Reisinger.

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