Reminder: Facebook's Site Governance Vote Closes Soon

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A week ago, Facebook opened up its second-ever Site Governance Vote, which lets users vote on proposed changes to two of their documents - the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and the Data Use Policy.

The changes, as they stand, are the results of original alterations made by Facebook as well as additional tweaks due to user feedback given during a comment period that ended shortly before the vote opened up.

The Governance Vote allows uses to choose between the new documents with the proposed changes, or the old documents.

"Today we are posting the proposed revised versions of both documents and asking you to join our second global site governance vote. Voting will be facilitated by an application developed on Facebook Platform by Wildfire, and an independent auditor will examine the vote tabulation to further ensure accurate results," Facebook VP of Communications Elliot Schrage said in a statement.

You only have a few more minutes to make your voice heard, as the voting closes at noon EST.

Facebook has stated that the results of the vote will be binding if 30% of all active registered users participate. Anything less and the results become merely "advisory."

So, head on over to the Site Governance app to cast your vote. The last time a vote like this was held, it was 2009 and 665,000 users voted to go with the newer policies.

Josh Wolford
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