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    January 26, 2007

Today is Australia Day the equivalent of the 4th of July for my buddies over the ocean.

So, I’m chilling out a bit, taking the kids out for the day, and trying to avoid the computer. My wife thinks it’s a miracle if I can go even half a day without checking mint, comments to moderate, email, etc.

So I will be very brief…

My last post was spent talking about the relational dynamics that are so critical to successful blogging. No sooner had I done that, that I took a closer look at Liz Strauss’ site, and realized (slightly embarrassingly) that she is the doyenne of “relationship blogging” and I had not mentioned her. So I did that in an update. And then at midnight my time, she and I connected up on Skype for a great chat that went on for more than an hour.

Thanks Liz, for some wonderful encouragement and advice!

What I appreciated most about Liz what her obvious depth of insight and experience, her kindness towards me, and her high-touch approach (a Skype call). She’s not just talking relational blogging – she’s living it.

Also, a blogger who’s caught my eye is He’s got a very new blog but he’s jumped straight into the deep end with some great posts and the very obvious fact that he knows what he’s talking about with Digg, especially.

This post on becoming a Digg front-page regular is one I have read very carefully and thoughtfully, as it’s a challenge I am trying to rise to. Baron can talk – he’s had three stories made popular so far. Well done, mate!

And finally (I said this would be quick), I am completing my first week using Mint, the blog stats package for WordPress from Shaun Inman. Shows you how much I know I always thought it was a hosted package! But after getting annoyed with limitations and delayed data with Google Analytics, I made the switch, and I am quite pleased, but with some reservations, which I’ll talk about. Stand by for that : )


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