Reggie Bush's Wedding Takes Place This Weekend


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Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush is tying the knot with partner Lilit Avagyan over the weekend. Bush and Avagyan are getting married in San Diego at The Grand Del Mar, which is where NBA player Lebron James got married last September.

The Grand Del Mar is one of the top luxury hotels in the world, and no surprise there, but the wedding is costing Bush a pretty penny. "I'm tapped out. This wedding is costing me a lot of money!" Reggie Bush told TMZ.

Check out some of Bush's comments about the wedding as he takes a stroll with Avagyan below.

Considering that a basic room at this particular hotel starts at almost $500 per night and offers several restaurants, a golf course, and a spa, it's easy to see how the pending nuptials could set Bush back a bit. As TMZ points out, the former Saints player can easily afford the hefty bill, as he has a four-year, $16 million contract with the Lions, which included a $4 million signing bonus.

Bush and Avagyan have been together since the end of 2011. The pair became parents after giving birth to daughter Briseis last May. It's rumored that Briseis will be included in the wedding, but her role hasn't been divulged, although flower girl would be the obvious choice.

Check out a photo of Reggie Bush's wife-to-be and child below.

Many people have wondered whether Kim Kardashian, who was Bush's girlfriend on and off for a few years, will be invited to the wedding. It's hard to imagine that Bush would be comfortable with his ex there, especially since he told Life & Style magazine that none of the Kardashians reached out to him when his daughter was born.

"I haven't spoken to [the Kardashians]," Bush said during the 2013 interview. "I've just been focusing on my little girl and my family. That's it really. I've been enjoying my life and this opportunity. All my focus has been on that."

With that in mind, it sounds like anyone hoping for a little something extra juicy to gossip about regarding Reggie Bush's wedding will be sorely disappointed.

Image via Wikimedia Commons