Reggie Bush’s Kardashian-Lookalike GF Is Pregnant

By: Amanda Crum - October 10, 2012

Reggie Bush, who famously dated Kim Kardashian back in 2007, has been seeing Armenian-born Lilit Avagyan for a while now, and the couple has just announced they are expecting.

Miami Dolphins running back Bush confirmed that Avagyan is about 12-weeks along, and while it’s too soon to find out the sex of the baby, he says he’s hoping for a boy who won’t rile up his overprotective nature.

“If it’s a girl I’m going straight to the gun shop to buy some guns,” he said.

Bush says he’s excited about being a father for the first time and is looking forward to sharing the experience with Avagyan.

“We can’t wait. It’s an opportunity to bring in new life and raise a child. That’s the most special gift to a man and a woman. I look forward to it and to building a family,” he said.

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  • http://webpronews angie

    Believe me when I say this – Kim Kardashian isn’t jealous one bit – if she wants to get pregnant she will do it – nothing stands in her way with her mom backing her and making every decision for her and her siblings! She doesn’t need Reggie Bush’s girlfriend to set the pace for her.

  • jeeze

    who care

  • Spunky Ned

    I’ll wait for the video!!!

  • jonny rocket

    i jizzed.

  • jonny rocket

    i didn’t know anal sex will cause pregnancy?