Reese Witherspoon Inspires Snide Comment In Arrest

    August 31, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Reese Witherspoon, actress and mom of three, famously asked cops, “Do you know my name?” when being arrested with husband Jim Toth for D.U.I. this past April; now it looks like she may have inspired another famous blonde to name-drop during an arrest. And just like Reese’s run-in with the law, this young girl didn’t make too many friends with her snotty attitude, either.

Alan Jackson, country singer and father to 20-year-old Alexandra, got a none-too-friendly call from police in Nashville this weekend after his underage daughter apparently mouthed-off and became physical with a police officer after she and her friends were pulled over in a Nashville traffic stop.

Jackson was riding passenger in a Range Rover when the vehicle was pulled over on Wednesday night. Reports say that despite officers’ demand to stay in the car, Jackson got out of the SUV, highly intoxicated, and said that she was upset over the stop. She then hit an officer in the chest before being arrested.

During booking, Jackson told the police that her dad would do “anything she wanted him to” in order to free her from being arrested.

Like Jackson, the younger woman’s disorderly conduct predecessor refused to remain in the vehicle, despite official’s warnings, and demanding that she was civically allowed to get out of the car, saying she was a “U.S. citizen,” and thus, “allowed to stand on American ground.”

Alexandra Jackson was released from police custody around 5:00 Wednesday morning on $35,000 bond, with a September 23 court date.

Main Article Image Courtesy Tony Shek on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Kale

    i don’t understand why this is news? Millions of people get pulled over for DUI’s and are disorderly with police officers, and I am sure a large portion of them refuse to listen. Just because they are famous, we should care? Bullshavick

    • FF

      No, we shouldn’t care, but we do care. We care about everything that happens to celebrities, which is why this article was written, and why similar ones will be written again and again. It’s also why you and I read it…

  • AHW

    The point of the article has less to do with the offense itself, but rather more to do with the false sense of entitlement exhibited by so-called celebrities. These fools were fortunate the police did not taser or shoot them.

  • Kate

    HOW is this girls behavior inspired by Reese Witherspoon? There is nothing in this story that directly references Witherspoon! Another case of the media trying to make something more of a story than what there really is. This girls actions are entirely her own. Stop trying to sensationalize a story!

    • Rob

      I would noirmally agree with you, but the connection is they both said “dont you know who I am?” to the cop and got a snotty attitude.

  • BudFox5

    This isn’t even newsworthy and in no way reflects the Witherspoon incident. Journalism? I think not.

  • nickdangersr

    Another example of a two-face passing himself off as a regular guy just like you when in reality he and his kid would be right at home in Hollywood with Lindsey.

  • Keef

    What on earth does this story have to do with Reese Witherspoon, who is featured in headline, lead and photo? Absolutely nothing. Appalling lack of judgment. Just rewrite it now. Or is reporter paid by the word?

  • 12know

    Reese Witherspoon has apologized several times for her behavior last April. Is she expected to wear a scarlet letter “D” for the rest of her life for this one incident? That’s ridiculous. How many of us have acted unreasonably at one time or another and then afterwards realized how ridiculous we were? Common sense is called for when reporting on a celebrity’s actions. One misstep does not make a person bad.

    • Big Ears

      Witherfakedrunk only apologized ONCE and that was scripted. Nothing more than PR damage control. These HoWood types need to be beat down and put in their place!

  • Gillian

    I didn’t realize being the daughter of a celebrity automatically made one “another famous blonde!”

  • Cali65

    Wow, $35,000 bond? Says this officer definitely knew who she was without an introduction.

  • Marty

    Talk about a totally misleading headline. This story had absolutely NOTHING to do with Reese Witherspoon and yet shows her name and face. What a load of BS

  • Jason

    You need to be more like Mel Gibson and call them all jews and other slang terms….she still got arrested…I used to work in a jail and there was a few minor celebs brought into the jail i worked in and they tried that You know who I am bit and that they knew the judge all the way to the president and they would have our jobs and sue us blah blah….you break the law u go to jail plain and simple although some do get out of trouble because of who they are……..OJ Simpson anyone?

    • johnb

      The assumption you are making is that just because they were brought in, they are guilty.

      OJ was acquitted by a jury. Did he ever claim he knows a judge, etc?

  • johnb

    Okay. Misbehavior on her part.

    But why was the car pulled over?

  • Don

    you talk about a beautiful creature, Reese Witherspoon is amazing , every time I see one of her movies I wonder how she can portray the roles so well. She really pours her heart into what ever movie shes making. I don’t know why she is still making movies because she has to have lots of money, I hope she continues making movies I can’t wait to see what she does next.