Redskins Name Change Won’t Come Anytime Soon

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The Washington Redskins are at battle again over whether the team name should be changed, but it doesn’t look like a resolution will come anytime soon.

Washington Councilman David Grosso says the time has come to make a decision regarding the team’s name, owing to its “racist and derogatory” meaning.

“We have to change it, and I’m calling on [owner] Dan Snyder and the NFL to step up and do the right thing,” Grosso said.

Grosso has even come up with a replacement idea: the Washington Redtails, after the Tuskegee Airmen.

“You can still sing the song and everything,” Grosso said. “Hail … to the … Redtails.”

Grosso has drafted a resolution, which he plans to unveil soon and states that “Washington’s name has been dishonored by association with the word ‘Redskins’. Because it is well known in America and in nations afar that American Indians have experienced utmost suffering and disrespect over the years.”

The Redskins’ name has actually been under review by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board since 2006, when a group of Native Americans filed a case claiming the term “redskin” was disparaging to American Indians. Before that, the team went through a 17-year long case brought before the Supreme Court over the name that they ultimately won, so even if Grosso manages to convince the right people that things have to change, it could take years to be put into effect.

Coincidentally, a Pennsylvania school board was implored recently by a woman with Native American ancestry to change the name of their school team from the Redskins, as well. Donna Boyle says the board has shunted her case to the side before, but the time has come for change.

“I don’t understand the promotion of a racial slur,” she charged. “It may not seem important to you but it is to those across the country who have Native-American blood in their veins. The school district will survive a mascot change.”

Substitute teacher Donald Gallagher agrees with Boyle and spoke to the board on her behalf regarding the change.

“You not only harm youngsters the public trusts in your care–reason enough to end the old mascot policies–but this dispute also damages the reputation of your community,” he said.

Redskins Name Change Won’t Come Anytime Soon
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  • Ron

    Why doesn’t anybody write an article about how people, including Native Americans, want the Redskins name to stay?

  • Mo P

    To add, a lot of the NFL team names do refer to “types of people” Cowboys, Vikings, Raiders, Buccaneers, 49ers, Patriots…

    And animals…

    Lions, Bears, Colts, Ravens, Cardinals, etc…

  • Rick

    I know native americans that like the Redskins because of the name.

    • Steve h

      I am from SO DAK born and raised between the Rosebud and Pine Ridge. They would rather have The C. Indians Mascot changed….might as well have big toothed blackman from the thirties. Picture Buckwheat as the mascot add a feather and make him red.

      • Mo P

        Kudos. I think they are just names, but keep in mind when these names came about. At a time when racism was the norm…

        It’s not like the Indians & Redskins mascots and team names were created in 1994!

  • Terry Hanks

    They could change their name to something honoring congress, maybe Thieves would be better.

  • james lujack

    I think ‘honoring’ the redtails ‘ sounds so self-serving and racist. We need to not only cease ‘self-seving ‘ names promoting white culture as well as those promoting black,latino,oriental etc..Why not name the Washington football team AFTER THE CHERRY BLOSSUMS THAT BLOOM IN THE SPRING………WASHINGTON CHERRYBLOSSUMS…….You have to admit it has a ring to it……honoring the gay football players!

  • Ike Krogman

    Give it a rest.. Pretty soon we will want Notre Dame to change their name so we don’t offend the Irish… What about all the schools that go by the name of “The Scotts”. Are we offending the Scottish people? Enough is enough…

  • rationalizationfailure

    Can we change their name to the Washington Politicians? Then ever time somebody thinks about them, they just think they are all, a$$holes.

  • Rick

    I heard there’s a group of guy’s named Bill that want Buffalo to change their name.lol

    • Mo P

      Well, to be honest, the Bills are offensive to anyone named Bill.

      (talking about the team)

      • chris

        perhaps they’re making reference to duck bills.

  • hail to the REDSKINS

    this is flat out rediculous. white ppl sure didnt mind takin a whole country from native americans. now there is a select few who dont think its “politically correct” maybe those in congress need to worry about things to that will actually make us a better country!! GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nathan

    i am glad politicians have NOTHING better to do than to worry about than to change the name of a football team that they have nothing to do with. and the one trying to change it looks like a pansy ass punk who would never get accepted to play football. get a life and worry about your damn self. that’s what is wrong with the world, everybody is in everyone elses business but their own. damn, give it a rest.

    • Mo P

      exactly. First address real problems. Like why are you printing money to pay for your bills. And why don’t you lower your own inflated salaries to help pay the debt. After all you are in public service.

  • ron

    They don’t have to change their name, they can just change their mascot to a sunburned white guy.

    • rob hudgins

      Just leave the name as it is and put a graphic of a potato inside the logo instead of the Indian Brave

      • diana


  • Eric Tabor

    Why in the HELL would you name a Native American Football team after a bunch of black fighter pilots. These politicians are pushing the black issue on everyone and everything. Blacks did not precede the Native Americans in this country and for him to make that kind of recommendation is disgraceful. I have a Native American heritage and this councilman in my opinion is a disgrace to his office. If he wants to be called a Red Tail then he can drop his pants and go get SPANKED like he should be right now. If they want a name change then give them one that fits what they truly are Warriors. So rename them to the Washington Red Warriors. Give them a name that expresses PRIDE and not being placed on the coat tails of individuals that were not indigenous to this country, but rather shipped here. I am not being RACIST I am merely stating facts unlike Councilman Grosso who degraded Native Americans by wanting them to fall under the black population. Blacks have more rights than Native Americans and they still complain about discrimination. Native Americans have more PRIDE than to go around wanting something free. This country belonged to the Native Americans and everything has been stripped away from them. So they need to be given the RESPECT and HONOR they deserve.

    • diana

      just goes to show you, how mistreated natives have been for over centeries…anyone can dress up as an Indian for halloween, but heaven forbid they dress up as a black person or nazi -that would be national news….

  • C Dizzle

    Why don’t they change the name to Rednecks instead?

    I lived most of my life in Virginia and the people that root for the Redskins are the biggest rednecks I have ever seen!

    • People Always Looking For A Cause

      Please! Won’t you say some, don’t group all fans into one catagory!

  • pete

    Lets see? Cleveland Indians also have to change their name. The Cleveland Rocket Balls. Seven homers in one game, you know!

    • Mike J.

      Pete: You may know that the Indians were (supposedly) named that because of the mulatto guy on the team many years ago they listed as an Indian when blacks weren’t allowed.

  • Jeb Morgan

    Caucasians, can’t leave with ’em…can’t ship ’em back to Europe. Or can we…?

    • C Dizzle

      Jeb = Redneck I spoke about…haha

  • Linda Tarver

    I suggested years ago that they change their name to “foreskins” but I just got jerked around.

    • Jim


      I like the way you think…you can text me anytime. :)
      Ive got a foreskin for you to jerk around baby!

      • Linda Tarver

        I think you’re doing fine on your own.

      • Steve h

        lol to the joke. Linda…you have a foreskin?

  • Johnny

    Should change their mascot to a bowl movement as they suck. Hail to the Brown Turds!

  • chris

    I suggest they leave the name the same, but simply change the logo to a big potato on the side of their helmet. it would be a redskin potato, which shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. but then maybe the people of Idaho would take exception.

  • stormking

    If Mr.Grosso wants to change the name, buy the team and do it. Step up with your wallet and tell another man how to run his business.

    • kinte allah

      You can offend a group of people because i have the money.

      • shhhhh

        Kinte, no one has the power to offend you, thats a decision you make on your own. The name is an homage to fierce warriors fighting for their lives. To take it as a disparagement is childish at best.

    • NYSkeptic

      I think Mr Grosso should change his name. It means large ans a person of the large persuasion, I take offense that his name mocks my weight.

  • Don A

    I think we should get rid of everything that has any resemblence of the native americans and let’s just forget them, unless you go to a casino not in Las Vegas.

    • Mike J.

      Don A.–Interesting idea. That’s the famous “Love me or Hate me, but Please Don’t Ignore Me” philosophy. The WORST thing you can ever do to someone is not to acknowledge they exist, because eventually, they won’t.

  • s hopkins

    Why not the Washington Walruses or Washington Seals. After all, the people who work there mostly just sit around and bark a lot but don’t do anything.

  • SC

    This is all a bunch of rubbish. No one is offended by team’s mascots and anyone who says they are is simply looking to gain attention for themselves. Woe is me. Woe is me. Thousands of fans get together to root on their favorite and to cheer for them in their competitive spirit. The mascots are actually paying tribute in my opinion. It would only be racist if they were called, “The Dirty Redskins,” or “Drunk Redskins,” or the like. I am proud to be an Irish American. Should I be offended by Notre Dame’s mascot? Nonsense. Everyone knows these are sporting mascots and not to be taken seriously.

  • crusin93

    I would think that there are MORE IMPORTANT matters that need attending to then what a football team is called.

  • NYSkeptic

    Redtails? I’m betting that they’ll spank the competition.

  • Tom

    I’m so sick of this “political correctness”! History is history and trying to right all the wrongs of our ancestors and making reparations to people living now who truly were not harmed is BS! Grosso find something worthwhile to attend to, if not, get another job!

  • J

    It would be a shame to do away with the many years of tradition with the Redskin name. Political correctness is a bunch of bull! I am Irish and I don’t get upset with Notre Dame and the leprechaun…….get real, go protest something worthwhile like forcing health insurance down our throats, high unemployment, or anything that is relevant!

  • Mike J.

    Instead of wasting time and tons of money debating all this, why not have ownership agree to donate say, $10,000 every time the Redskins win a game, maybe $25,000 in playoffs, to the Native American Indian Council. American Indians have gotten slight revenge via casinos, why not add a stipend for using their names? Everyone just shuts up, but the money flows!

  • Michael

    Redskins was never a term of endearment. Think of the many other derogatory terms that have been used and think how people would be upset if they were used as mascots. It is ridiculous that we continue to persecute native american by using this mascot.

  • Donovan

    I agree with a name change but I would not like it to be a theme change. Nothing says football like a classic “cowboys” vs “indians” battle. With keeping that in tact I suggest the name be changed to “D.C. Tomahawks”. It’s not offensive, it keeps the theme of honoring Native American roots, it’s used in colleges, and it’s associated with a the Algonquin or Algonquian tribes from the D.C., MD, & VA region that created the Tomahwk, according to history books. The NFL has easily changed many team names while keeping the team ; the “Oilers” come to mind, that name no longer exists but the team does under it’s name change and there are still fans that made the transition and continued support. I say we don’t focus on the whole “Politically correctness” of the topic and just sum it up to a modern time where change is overdue.

  • wolf

    Well, everybody seems to think it is being overly sensitive to find “redskin” offensive. If in this posting I typed in every possible racial and ethnic slur, would my membership be abruptly terminated? Damned right!! But redskin is quite acceptable.

    Well, how about I start a team called the Raleigh Rednecks. Perhaps the team logo could be someone with missing teeth, beer in hand, obviously drunk, moonshine still in the background.
    Nobody offended by that right?

  • Steve

    They should rename them the “Pompous Asses”. DC is full of them.

  • Lil

    Speaking as an Ojibwe strait off the reservation my opinion on this matter is simple. The name doesn’t bother me. It’s the racist behavior of fans that do … the war whoops, the mock face painting/head dresses all in ‘honor’ of their team. Also the behavior of fans of the opposing teams and sports casters who just HAVE to connect some stupid Hollywood pop culture reference during and after every game. How are you going to stop the racist behavior of fans without removing the mascot? My skin is thick enough. I just wish the people who are so against a name change would re-evaluate their behavior at games as I have a feeling they are the die hards who mock native culture and tell us we should be honored by it.

  • Haywood Jalickme

    No better way to honor our native American friends than to let the team keep its nickname…and logo.

    • That guy

      Your joking right? Calling a Native Americans(they are not called Native Americans they are called Apache, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Hopi, etc.) a redskin is equivalent to calling an Asian a chink. So by your logic we should have the New York Kikes, the East L.A. Wetbacks, the Queens Jig A Boos, and the San Antonio Redneck Crackers “to honor our Jewish, Latino, White and Blacks friends” Again, I hope you were being sarcastic.

  • People Always Looking For A Cause

    People are always looking for a cause! If POLITICANS did what was in their job description and mind their business, the USA would be a much better place!

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