Reddit Launches Video Site

    April 29, 2009
    Chris Crum

Reddit has launched a new video site called Reddit TV (located at The site pulls videos from the "what’s hot" section of Reddit and places them into a video-dedicated site organized by channel.

"There’s no shortage of new video content online," says Alexis on the Reddit Blog. "They rise and fall throughout the day on the Reddit front page. But the current front page — while great for text — isn’t optimal for speeding through a bunch of videos. And that’s where reddit.TV comes in."

Video categories include best of the web, geek, happy, music, politics, potpourri, sports, wtf, and TED. The last is Reddit’s launch partner for the site, and the only channel Reddit guarantees will "make you smarter" when you watch it.

Reddit TV Tweet

As an added bonus, Reddit took this opportunity to begin its first Twitter integration, by including a Twitter icon on videos that allow you to Tweet them with pre-made headlines. This headline is a random sentence that Reddit says will "make you look awesome without even trying."

We have Oprah to thank for the Reddit-Twitter integration according to Alexis. This should make Reddit video content much more visible.