Red Sox Ad Thanks St. Louis Cardinals Fans

    November 6, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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A very interesting ad came out in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Tuesday. The Red Sox took out a full page ad to thank their opponent, the St. Louis Cardinals, after their win at the World Series.

The ad pictures two young boys, one wearing a Red Sox t-shirt and the other in a Cardinals t-shirt. Under the picture it reads, “From One Great Baseball Town To Another”, and then has a letter written and signed by Red Sox owner John Henry, chairman Tom Werner, and CEO Larry Lucchino.

The letter reads:

“On behalf of our partners and the entire Red Sox organization, thank you St. Louis. The warm Midwestern welcome you extended to our team and our fans during this year’s hard-fought World Series is truly appreciated. Your region, its people, and the entire Cardinals organization represent everything that’s great about baseball.”

“We share the same colors and rich, storied baseball history that stretches from Musial and Williams, to Molina and Pedroia. We’re both home to the most loyal, passionate fans in the game. And the four World Series in which we’ve gone head-to-head are still etched in the memories of those who love our sport.”

“So we tip our hats to each and every one of you. We look forward to seeing you again next August. Let’s hope that it’s just a prelude to meeting again in October.”

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  • heisenberg

    Total class act. And being a lifelong Cardinal fan, I can truly appreciate that. Thanks, Boston! Let’s do it again sometime.

  • Jimmy

    As a White Sox fan and STL being my favorite NL team, the STL fans are a great example of how to act no matter what the haters may say. Even though I’m not a Red Sox fan, congrats to them on a great season. It could’ve been worse. The Yanks could’ve won and hopefully they have more 4th place finishes in the future.

  • black hockey player

    Just another reason to love the game of baseball!

  • YankFan

    I am a lifelong Yankees Fan. But, I must comment on this ad. I would like to see more of this type of thing. It’s not about Boston or the Yankees or St Louis or LA Dodgers. IT’S ABOUT BASEBALL! Thank you Red Sox for remembering that! You have always showed class and respect for the game. Class Act! Congratulations on a great year and a great Series!

  • BostonBacker

    This is how sports should be. After all, it’s a game first and foremost. I thought St. Louis was a great opponent and I didn’t feel comfortable until that last out.

  • carolcarney

    That’s just CLASS!! I wish we would see that more often. Congrats Boston on one heck of a season…

  • carolLynne

    Great Class Redsox!!