Reasons Why Making Money Blogging Isn’t That Easy

Harsh Realities, According to CopyBlogger and ProBlogger

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Everyone wants to make money online, and a blog is one of the first things to which many turn to achieve this. There has been so much made of this concept over the years. 

There are entire businesses based on helping others learn about making money blogging. It’s entirely possible to do, but it’s also easier said than done. 

There are seven "harsh realities" of blogging for bucks, according to ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse and CopyBlogger’s Brian Clark and Sonia Simone, the panelists in the opening keynote of BlogWorld Day 3. These are:

1. "Free" is not a business model.
2. The push-button Internet cash machine is on the fritz.
3. You are not scalable. 
4. No one actually wants that much authenticity.
5. Social media hates selling. (and yet, you have to sell)
6. A blog is not a business.
7. No one is reading your blog

Brian Clark Talks Making Money Blogging from BlogWorldTo summarize an hour of dialogue, you should at some point have a product that your readers will want. You should give a lot of free content away, but even when it comes to content, you can charge for some amount, and if your content is good enough, people will pay for the premium stuff. "You can tell them about ninety percent, and they’ll pay money just to get the final ten percent," so they know they have the whole picture, Clark says.

Making money blogging will not happen overnight. Sometimes it may seem like this is possible, but in reality, it takes a lot of work. "Build something that is real and something that matters to people," Rowse advises. He shared a story about how he launched a product one day and literally watched the sales roll in. It was as if he had hit a button, and the cash just started flowing, but then he realized he had been working hard up to that point for over two years, promoting the blog, writing two posts a day, doing SEO, press releases, etc. It wasn’t overnight. 

Sonia Simone talks Making Money Blogging from BlogWorldYou’re not scalable, meaning that as your audience grows and more people want to connect with you, there will be a point where it just becomes too much. You have to set boundaries, otherwise you will have no time for yourself and your family. 

Eventually, you’re going to have to "get real" about how many meaningful connections you can make in a day, Simone says, adding, "That’s part of growing up in social media.”

When they say "no one actually wants that much authenticity," they mean that nobody cares about what you did last night, who you were with, what you had for breakfast, etc. In other words, don’t show everybody everything about yourself, because you’re not writing for you. You’re writing for them. Be who you want to be for your audience. 

Darren Rowse talks making money blogging from BlogWorldUltimately, you’re blogging and using social media to sell, but you can’t just go around selling to people, because they won’t have it. It just doesn’t work. You have to make them want to buy. "You’re selling yourself," says Clark. If you provide enough value to your audience, they will want to buy what you have to offer if it expands upon the value you’re already giving them. "The content is the marketing," he says. 

Just having a blog is not a business. If you want it to be a business you have to treat it like one, Rowse says. This is basically an extension of number 2. 

The most important of the seven points is that no one is reading your blog. As Simone says, there are hundreds of millions of blogs, and that includes blogs on your topic. You have to write it in a way that is fresh, and either entertaining or informative. The good news is that you don’t need "monster traffic". You just need a good, steady core audience for advertising to do well. 

Reasons Why Making Money Blogging Isn’t That Easy
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  • http://www.money-online.tv Guest

    I fully agree with you. Creating value and speakding to your audience is important. The selling can come later.

    People do not like being sold…overtly. They get turned off… because they see it all day. Thanks for your truly informative post. I will refer to it in my next post on my blog. :)

  • http://smallbiztricks.blogspot.com Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    You are perfectly right. I have been blogging for about 10 months now, yet making money from my blogs have been very difficult.
    I just realised that people need content and they are impatient when they are being sold to. So I have now concentrated on providing real content to my audience on my various blogs. Things eventually are beginning to improve.
    It takes one who has some marketing experience to make real money fast from blogs.

  • Guest

    It all boils down to G., how to get top spot on G. To make decent money on the net you have to game G or have some really unique idea with a lot of followers. Either that or die of a painful death. I make a ton of money on the internet and for that I’ve had to game G. I have had to overwhelm them with content and sites. Once you got blackhat you never go back. That’s the way G. likes to be treated. You try to be white hat, do the right thing, follow their webmaster guidelines, etc. yet they smack over the head for doing so and reward the ones violating their rules. All they care is about making money no matter how many sheep they have to run over. I’m not a sheep so I will continue gaming them.

  • http://www.yeebaa.com Matt | Yeebaa Discounts

    Earning money online via a blog should kinda be secondary to the writing of the blog. Money should follow the blog rather than the blog try and follow the money. Write about what you want to and bang in some google ads and forget about it. Write because you want to.

    Costa del Sol Discounts Guide

  • http://www.blog.netmorenow.com Michael Kristiansne

    I really appreciate the post ‘Reasons Why…’ It’s very good to lay it out there, that content matters and it takes time to build a mountain of valuable content that people eventually come to value, respect, and are willing to spend money to get the ‘last 10%’ because of the value of the first 90%. We approach blogging as a fine cross between link building and working towards becoming a very good ‘authority’ site. The more passion in the content, the more likely to engage and develop a following. Most blogs are not going to hit it off big through ad dollars, but are integral in providing in depth information that can support an ecommerce site.

  • http://www.hacker9.com ashwin

    i truly agree with you. making money blogging is not a get rich overnight business. you will have to have patience. first you should win the audience, making money should always be second priority.

  • http://www.netguideonline.com Jossie

    Thank you for this article.
    This is very true.

  • http://fruitcakerecycling.com Barbara

    I really enjoyed this keynote at BlogWorld. I’ve seen people start new blogs and immediately put Adsense or other affiliate links on them, only to wonder why they’re not successful. It is absolutely true that content comes first. If you love writing your blog, and write with passion, people will come back. Once you develop a loyal readership, the money will follow, but ONLY if you treat them with respect and don’t forcefeed them advertising.

  • http://www.upscalecarrentals.com Upscale

    Generally, human beings like free things! They will pay for certain things if the content is great! It does not happen over night! I am just starting to make money and I have been blogging for over a year now. For example, our luxury car rental and exotic rental blog just started making money

  • http://www.upscalecarrentals.com george J

    Folks , it takes time. Just be patient! Rome was not built in a day. Money comes later.

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