Reasons to Use Google Video for Businesses

    March 10, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google Video for Business has got a couple of new features. They are captions and larger uploads.

Captions can obviously open up communication on a whole new level with subtitles alone. This makes videos more accessible to those who cannot hear well and those who speak other languages. As far as uploading, users with Google Gears can upload videos of up to 1 GB. Before it was only 300 MB.

"This is important to businesses and schools that need to host longer form or higher quality video," the Google Video team says in a blog post. "If you’d like to upload videos of this size, simply get Google Gears or Google Chrome to enable larger uploads today."

As the company explains, Google Video for Businesses allows businesses to:

Share rich video info, which comes in handy for internal training, corporate announcements, etc.

Keep videos secure and private, so videos can only be shared with select employees

– Not worry about hosting large video files

Let various people within the company collaborate through viewing and annotations. More on Google’s recommended uses in this clip:

Of course Google services’ reliability have been called into question several times in recent memory. Gmail in particular has been reported to have had some downtimeagain.