Realtors – How Email Newsletters Can Boost Your Business in 2004

    January 27, 2004

You may or may not send an Email Newsletter to your potential prospects. If you do this article will help you convert more prospects into clients.

If you do not – read this article to discover why an email Newsletter is the #1 thing you can do to boost your business in 2004.

As you already know, your website doesn’t turn 100% of your visitors into clients – Meaning the majority of your prospects leave your site without raising their hands and asking for you to contact them. Without a newsletter, you are leaving money on the table for another real estate agent.

With a newsletter you have the means to build trust, and credibility with your prospects and most of all stay top of mind as they begin the process of shopping for a home.

Top Internet real estate agents develop email newsletters that use these three success strategies:

1. Top of Mind You are only as popular as the last email. This is my way of saying that the agent that stays in front of the prospect gets the contract or listing. Make it a goal to regularly stay in contact with your prospects.

Top Internet real estate agents deliver an email newsletter to their prospects at least twice a month. If you are just beginning, start with a monthly newsletter and gradually move to “touching” your prospects on a more frequent schedule.

2. Be Relevant “One thing that I learned from dad is try to understand the mind of everyone around you – Michael Corleone – Godfather II.”

All your prospects have one thing in common – they only care about their immediate interest. The seller only cares about the value of their home and the buyer only cares about how much their “dream home” costs. Talk to them about what they care about and your email will be the first and last email they read every day.

Take a moment to write down topics that your prospects would be interested in learning about. These topics will be the “editorial” calendar for your email newsletter. I also suggest topics at that can be used in your newsletter. Keep your “ears open” and be the trusted source of what’s important to your prospects.

3. Be Personal It is said that the most popular name in the world is your own. While this may sound a little cynical it actually is true. If someone shouts your name – your head turns and your attention is focused on the caller. Use this principal to your advantage. Whenever possible, use the first name of your prospect in your email. Don’t over do it – but use your prospect’s name to connect with them and build trust.

Apply these techniques and I promise you that you will see an immediate boost in your income as a result of your newsletter marketing.

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